Lil Pump Reacts on Individuals Who Disrespected & Destroyed XXXTentacion's Memorial

Updated On 11 Jul, 2018 Published On

Lil Pump is infuriated by the individuals who have disrespected and disrespected XXXTentacion's memorial! It's been almost a month that XXXTentacion was shot to death and the 20-year-old rapper's fans are still in mourn on his passing.

But, there are also several people took the disrespect to another level as they destroyed the memorial of the late R&B singer and this left many people, including Gucci Gang singer, infuriated.

On Tuesday, July 10, Lil Pump completely went off after he found out about the vandalization of XXXTentacion's memorial by the people.

The rapper took to Instagram and posted a video to share a message for the perpetrators and the spectators who didn't stop them to do it.

He says in the 24 seconds video clip,

Whoever the fuck that pussy ass n*gga was that went to X's memorial and kicked all that shit, n*gga, you a fuckin' bitch, n*gga. Don't ever do that shit. And the fans around him watching that shit, y'all ass should've started swinging, n*gga. Fuck wrong with y'all?

The 17-year-old rapper then warns the perpetrators that he's ready to deal with them himself.

He continued,

I want everybody to know, if you know that n*gga @ name, Instagram name, all that shit, send that shit to me. Cause when I see your ass, I'm gonna slap the fuck out of you you fuckin' f***ot ass jit.

Here's the video, check it out.

As previously reported, XXXTentacion died on June 18 as a suspect identifies as Dedrick Devonshay Williams shot him while he was in South Florida.

As per the report, Dedrick has been arrested for the shooting the rapper to death and been charged with first-degree murder.