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Home Gossip Lil’ Kim bleaches her skin and plastic surgery. Was she insecure about her color?

Lil’ Kim bleaches her skin and plastic surgery. Was she insecure about her color?

Rabina Koirala Wed Nov, 2016
Lil’ Kim bleaches her skin and plastic surgery. Was she insecure about her color?

Lil' Kim has always been the news maker. Whether it be because of her music, or because of her affairs, or because of her appearance, she has always been a paparazzi favorite. Recently, Kim was in the news when she was dissed for appearing to "hate her own race".

Such strong backlash emerged when Lil' Kim posted selfies which showed drastic changes in her appearance, especially her skin color. She seemed to have bleached her skin and lightened it a lot more tones than her original. Majority of her fans were not happy.



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Lil Kim's plastic surgery

Kim was probably one of the earliest rock stars to adopt plastic surgery, extensive sessions of surgeries to be precise. Since her debut performances throughout the mid 1990s, Kim was famous for her bolf and outrageous looks and appearances. With the growing fame and growing money, she became more obsessed with altering her features.

As of 2016, she has been highly criticized for lightening her skin tone using acid bleachings. She has been dissed by even her fans for "being direspectful of her skin color", and some even found it racist. 

But this is not something that Lil' Kim did out of the blue. In an interview last year, Kim had revealed that she felt like a "Spanish girl inside a black girl's body". She also said that she has always felt down because of her skin color. Even her own father used to put her down for that matter. Men that she dated also "cheated on her with fair skinned long haired European looking girls". 

Such incidences made her self esteem drop very low and she began wishing for a different appearance. All this accumulated in her wanting to lighten and bleach her skin so much and resort to numerous plastic surgeries.

Kim's Dating Affair

Kim has had a string of unsuccessful love affair. She has been in on and off relationship with different men starting from her teen years. Before starting her career in the music industry, Kim was dating Shawn Powell. She was in her late teens then. They even got engaged. The affair continued even when Powell was arrested. But she broke it off to start her career in rap.

Then she started an affair with Christopher Wallace with whom she was very close up until the day Wallace was shot dead in 1997 March 9.

Kim then dated Damion "World" Hardy with whom she faced severe physical abuses. She revealed that she had to get several nose jobs because of the multiple times she was punched by Hardy.

In June 9, 2014, Kim gave birth to a baby girl named Royal Reign.

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