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Home Gossip Liam Aiken might be gay. See the possible reasons

Liam Aiken might be gay. See the possible reasons

Pratik Ghimire Wed Feb, 2017
Liam Aiken might be gay. See the possible reasons

The American actor, Liam Aiken has been in highlights with the rumors about him being gay. However, there are no concrete evidence and he has yet to admit if he is gay or not.

Want to know why the rumor spread? Stay with us.

Is Liam Aiken Gay?

Liam is best known for his performance on the series based on the books of Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events". The famous actor belonging to the Irish descendent, Liam is surrounded by many rumors regarding his sexual orientation. Even though the actor himself hasn’t confirmed anything about it himself speculations of him being gay or not has over flooded on the internet.

Liam Aiken in the Premiere "Lars and the real girl"

Caption: Liam Aiken in the Premiere "Lars and the real girl".

There are various reasons that make us suspicious as to why the 27-year-old actor might be gay. One being that even though he is 27 years old which is considered to be a peak point in anyone’s dating life, the actor hasn’t had any record of relationships till date. The actor has never been heard or seen dating with anyone, it is as if the actor isn’t interested in girls.

Some other reasons that support the fact that he might be gay are that the fact that there are almost no pictures of him along with other ladies in Instagram or snap chat. There is also evidently no caption or comments from him in Instagram that could suggest that the actor might be flirting or even dating.

Liam Aiken posing for the camera.

Caption: Liam Aiken posing for the camera.


One of the other things that hint us to if he is a gay or not is his tweets in which he admits the user "percaderp" to be handsome, but it could just be a joke. Percaderp is registered in twitter as Jake Darnell.

Also in his twitter account, we can notice him following a twitter account named “Gay teen studio” which is quite unusual for any straight guy.

Even though, there are no concrete proofs of him being gay we cannot jump to a conclusion and call him one. He might be extremely secretive and might have as well been successful to fool the media’s eye. However, fans can be happy as he is said to be single.



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The 27-year-old actor from America was introduced to the world of acting through an advertisement commercial for the Ford Motor Company. After the commercial advertisement, Liam debuted through his first movie "Stepmom" which was released in the year 1997 when the actor was just about 7 years old. Even though he didn’t land a deal with the harry potter series, Liam was considered for the role of harry potter.

Whatever is his sexuality, Liam is a very talented actor and we wish he continues to deliver some breath-taking performance in the coming years.