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Home Gossip Lester Holt's Wife Carol Hagen Not Divorcing Husband Only For Their Children? Marriage Ending Soon?

Lester Holt's Wife Carol Hagen Not Divorcing Husband Only For Their Children? Marriage Ending Soon?

Rabina Koirala Tue Aug, 2016
Lester Holt's Wife Carol Hagen Not Divorcing Husband Only For Their Children? Marriage Ending Soon?

Only a year back Lester Holt' family had given everyone ‘family goals’ when the whole family turned out on the sets of Today Show to show their support for the head of the family,

After Lester was reported to be involved in an extra-marital affair with one of his crew member, people started circulating divorce issues all over the headlines. So, are they getting divorced in real or are those issues fake?

Lester Holt's Married Life, Children, and Family

Lester Holt married Carol Hagen-Holt 36 years back in 1982. Holt's wife is a licensed real estate agent, currently working at Halstead Property in Manhattan. She previously worked in San Francisco. The pair shares two children together; Stephan and Cameron.

In February 2016, Stephan Holt joined NBC and was praised for having had followed his father's footsteps.

His father showed his support through Twitter for his appointment.

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CAPTION: Lester Holt and Carol Hagen-Holt with his children

Lester Holt’ other son Cameron Holt finished a graduate degree at Stanford and had taken a New York City financial job.

Back in June of 2015, Holt’s wife and two sons showed their love and support to Lester by surprising the news anchor on the Today Show.

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Lester Holt's Divorce Issues with Carol Hagen

Lester Holt had once said in an interview that the secret to making a relationship work and happy is to “laugh.” 

Lester Holt was once allegedly rumored to be involved in an extramarital affair. He is said to have cheated on his wife with a fellow crew member of his show NBC Nightly Show.

It has been reported by various sources that the duo has not been seen together publicly since early 2016. Lester was said to have been spending a lot less time with the family and more in “office.”

It's still not proved whether Lester and Carol have separated or even divorced. There is nothing to talk about his extra-marital affairs as well.

Are they Getting Divorce?

The alleged affair of Lester Holt and the anonymous crew member seems to have been known by his wife for quite some time now. But she is said to have been holding off filing a divorce; and the reason for that? It seems like the only thing holding this family together is the two sons of Holt.

Carol is said to have been worrying a lot about their children and the potential impact of divorce on them. Though their two sons are already adult enough and settled in their own life, Carol seems to be the overprotective mother.

We as fans and well-wishers only hope to hear good news from this family in the future.

Quick Facts:

How old is Lester Holt?

Born on March 8, 1959, he is 60 years of age.

Who is Lester Holt wife?

Lester is married to wife Carol Hagen in 1982.