Lele Pons Biography

Updated On Aug 02, 2017 Published On Nov 22, 2016
Facts of Lele Pons
Date of Birth: 1996 , June-25
Birth Nation: Venezuela
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inch
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Aged 20, Lele pons was single and not dating any boyfriend for past few years. There was also no news of her love affairs, however, in 2016, she was rumored to be in the relationship with a youtube star Junpa Zurita. Lele cleared that doubt for us in her youtube account but she also gave us the hint about their relationship.

Pons is known for her vine videos . She made her first vine in 2011 when she was 15 years old . Her friend taught her about the video uploading.

She told the media that at first it was just being creative and it was not even funny .Later as she was getting used to it , she started doing better .

Lele's Vine follower Jerome Jarre convinced her not to stop making vine videos . In 2016 , she is the number one vine star whose videos has been looped the most which are 8.4 billion loops .She is also the most followed female vine star .

The funny and energetic vine star Lele Pons was not always the same .During her high school, she was bullied and called names , to that she wrote her own book "Surviving High School" which was published on April 2015 .

Pons is seen hanging out with famous vine stars like king bach , Josh Peck, and Amanda. Amanda and Lele pons were seen together making vines videos and making everyone laugh until September 2016 where there was a big fallout in their relationship and were dumping their best friend.

Lele pons has a net worth of $500 000 with a massive salary and her vine username is Lele Pons . Her nationality is Venezuelan and her ethnicity is white .

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Lele Pons facts on timeline

Lele Pons was born

June 25 , 1996

On June 25 , 1996 Lele pons was born to her parents . She has kept her personal life in private and has not revealed the name of her parents . However , she is the only child of her parents and has no siblings .

First Vine video


At the age of 15 , Lele got her first phone and then her friend encourage her to make vine video . She tells her fans that at first it was not even funny , it was just being creative and later you just get used to it . She was just another teenager on social media making videos until she realized how much people loved her vines.

Lele Pons Published her book


The Lele Pons we see now isn't the same Lele when she was in her highschool . She used to be bullied and called names and then she wrote the book "Surviving High School " which was published on April , 2015 

Breakout in Lele's Friend/ship with Amanda


Lele Pons and Vine star Amanda Cerny were always seen together until their was a breakout in their friendship . In september 2015 , they were seen dumping their bestfriends .Amanda , in her youtube channel tells us they had a breakout .

Winner of teen choice award


Lele pons won the teen choice awards in 2016 , the nominees were Lele Pons , Thomas Sanders , Zach King , Josh Peck and Matthew Espinosa . Earlier in 2015 , Lele was nominated for the same award but had not won the title .

Currently Lele Pons


Currently Lele Pons is single . She has a net worth of  $500 000 . Pons is the number one vine star whoes videos has been looped the most which is 8.4 billion and is also the most followed female vine star .