LeBron James opines,Stephen curry is Underpaid

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Cleveland cavalier's LeBron James thinks Golden Warrior's Stephen Curry should make around $80M per year which is twice as much his current income.

According to Ann Killion from San Fransisco Chronicle, Curry has just signed a deal worth $201 M over the next five years, which is the highest pay in the history of NBA but James believes Curry should be earning more.

Lebron James and Stephen Curry

Image: LeBron James and Stephen Curry

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James expressed his thoughts via a tweet that reads:

He reports that Warrior's value is skyrocketing, over the past seven years, it has gone uphill from $450 million in 2010 to $2.6 billion this year.

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However, James seems to dislike the whole idea of NBA's salary cap and is disappointed how the club owners are not ready to share what that they make from other ways than their annual revenue.

He could be pointing out to the profits from selling the club franchise.