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Home Gossip Laura Innes leaving the ER: Time for Marriage says the star

Laura Innes leaving the ER: Time for Marriage says the star

Richa Tue Mar, 2016
Laura Innes leaving the ER: Time for Marriage says the star

 Laura Innes plays the pouplar character as Dr. Kerr Weaver in the medical drama named ER. As soon as the news about Laura to leave the show emerged, many questions and random guesses were raised as there where no evidenical facts behind her abrupt decision. After 12 years of working for ER she dramatically decided to take a leave from the show with the promise of being back again. After her magical performance was over for ER along with the vicissitudes of life, she did not reveal among the media about it but the reason for her to leave the show is also an unknown fact for many.

Laura also seems now busy in her married life. With her spouse David Brisbin from the year 1988 she started her affair and within today she is having a fabulous time with him. Yet, Brisbin was very supportive with the working of Laura as he also suggested her not to quit ER. But it was Laura’s sole decision to spend her time with children and husband and advocating for a disabled community. This shows she is very attentive in the social work as well besides her fame and career.

Laura is also very close with her friend Megan Mullally and their friendship has started over from the very long duration of time. Laura seems to be a totally responsible wife and her married life has even no complaints. They are not going to divorce each other. Laura is happy with her spouse and working with the physically challenged community. She is still planning to return with her grant success in her career. Laura is also interested in joining adventurous activities and trekking around the greeneries. She is a very sophisticated person with a positive attitude who is very supportive to her near and dear ones. We love you Laura!