Kylie Minouge's romance with ex-Boyfriend, Kissed Olivier Martinez on a Date

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Australian singer Kylie Minogue was spotted kissing her ex-boyfriend, Olivier Martinez which clearly shows that the two are together once again putting aside their differences.
Reportedly, the 49-year-old singer secretly dated her ex French boyfriend French actor At Holywood's Chateau Marmont Last Thursday.

Kylie with boyfriend Olivier

Image: Kylie Minouge with Olivier Martinez

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The blonde beauty dated him in the past for five years since 2002.

 singer Kylie  Minouge ex boyfriend

Image: Kylie with Olivier

Source: Dailymail

According to the sources, the lovers who met after years to celebrate their reunion appeared delighted to see each other and were very intimate embracing and kissing each other throughout the date. Kylie looked very much involved in the conversation with Martinez.

After the date was over,  they headed towards a hotel room that Kylie had booked before.

In 2007, the French actor married his now divorced wife Halle Berry. The divorce was confirmed six months ago. Olivier Ex wife Halle

Image: Olivier Martinez ex wife Halle Berry


Even after he was married he was friends with Kylie and also supported her during her fight with breast cancer.