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Home News Kylie Jenner Drops Hints about her Pregnancy with Themed Photos

Kylie Jenner Drops Hints about her Pregnancy with Themed Photos

Abhinawa Devkota Sun Nov, 2017
Kylie Jenner Drops Hints about her Pregnancy with Themed Photos

Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of Kim and Khloe Kardashian, is one of the most popular youngsters in the world. Moreover, the reality superstar has been rumored to have been pregnant for sometime now. However, neither Kylie nor any of her family members have confirmed it.

There have been many reports claiming that Kylie is pregnant with a girl/ boy while many even claim that she is faking her pregnancy for attention. Meanwhile, Kylie has not made any claims, but she is having fun with it as she is dropping hints at her fans through social media.


Kylie Jenner Blue Phone Case
Source: Kylie’s Instagram

Previously, while launching her Kylie Cosmetics phone cases, she shot a photo carrying a blue case. At the time, many claimed that she is having a baby boy. But the 20-year-old uploaded a new photo on her Snapchat on Friday. In the photo is a pink Christmas tree. Not only the tree, but the entire room is awash in pink.

The photo is followed by the caption, ‘Shooting holiday videos @kyliecosmetics’. Her fans are now assuming that she is having a baby girl.

Pink Christmas Tree
Source: Kylie’s Snapchat

She did not just stop there, she also shared a photo with her hair dyed pink on Instagram and wrote, "I’m still trying to grow my hair back from this… but I miss it." Soon after, she shared a picture featuring rows of bags which included pink bags too. She called the pink ones ‘the babies.’

Kylie Nails
Source: Kylie’s Instagram

The series of pink-themed photos on her Instagram and SnapChat is now creating rumors that she is having a baby girl. Kylie also recently claimed that media outlets are creating conversely by altering her images to make her look pregnant.

She said she was not happy with the photoshopped images and called out media houses on Twitter regarding the alterations. But she still has not been able to address the rumors about her pregnancy.


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