Kristy Pierce Biography

Published On Apr 07, 2017
Facts of Kristy Pierce
Date of Birth: 1972 , January-1
Birth Nation: United States
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Kristy Pierce got in the news and after she fated famous actor Josh Duhamel. They first met each other while Kristy Pierce was on modeling job for Barca Duhamel in the year 1999. There were the bunch of photographers taking photos of Josh Duhamel and it was the love at first and they began dating each other in 2001. After then they got engaged, but they got separated in 2004. Currently, Kristy seems to be single and she has not revealed information about her relationship.

Kristy Pierce is active in social media and she has got thousands of followers on Twitter. She seems to earn a good sum from her modeling career, but she hasn’t revealed her actual net worth which can be assumed to be in millions.

Kristy Pierce facts on timeline

Born in United Sates

January 1 , 1972

Kristy Pierce is a famous American model and actress who was born in the early 1970s in United Sates. She became famous and came into fame after she dated actor Josh Duhamel, and she is currently well known as the ex-fiance of Josh Duhamel.

Met Josh Duhamel


Kristy Pierce met Josh Duhamel in the year 1999, while she was on modeling job for Barca di Duhamel. There were a bunch of photographers taking the photo of Josh Duhamel. They both meet each other there and fell for each other.

Dated Josh Duhamel


Kristy Pierce started dating actor Josh Duhamel in 2001. They both felt a love at first sight when they first on modeling of Barca di Duhamel. Josh liked her from the first sight and knowing each other for some time they started dating each other.

Engaed with Josh Duhamel


Kristy Pierce got engaged to Josh Duhamel in 2004. The couple were happy and together however they couldn’t continue their relationship for long and the couple got separated in the same year. Currently, Krsity Pierce seems to be single.