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Home Gossip Kristen Wiig gives her views on the negativity surrounding the all-female "Ghostbusters" reboot

Kristen Wiig gives her views on the negativity surrounding the all-female "Ghostbusters" reboot

Abhilasha Singh Limbu Sat Jul, 2016
Kristen Wiig gives her views on the negativity surrounding the all-female

Having an Irish, English, and a Scottish descent, Hollywood actress Kristen Wiig is all set for the upcoming movie 'Ghostbusters'. The movie is a remake of Ghostbusters Franchise. The supernatural comedy movie’s trailer has been viewed on YouTube more than 83 million times.

The director has got most of the starred actors from comedy movies, the viewers who have enjoyed their acting. The starred actresses of this movie are Melisa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Melisa has been really liked by the viewers and it seems like this movie will really be exciting with all these women. Some of the comments regarding the movies are negative as they feel that remake will be bad. Fingers crossed! And also they want to see Uma Thurman (Witty).

Erin Gilbert is Kristen Wiig’s role in the movie. She is a warrior, particle physicist, and an academic firebrand. The director Feig stars Kristen regularly as he has worked with her in previous movies such as Bridesmaids and Knocked up. Why wouldn’t he hire her? She has always given her best, and here she is now back with her inborn talent.

Ecstatic was she when she found that she could also do acting flawlessly and from then she started to work. Wouldn’t you? I would run for it with all my heart. She appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', making audiences laugh with the characters she had taken. She has struggled so much in her life that it makes my jaw drop. This girl has achieved what she worked for. Now, at the age of 42, she has been known to the world and has a lot of fans.

Moving towards her professional life, she has played in many movies  and TV series such as Girl Most Likely, Friends with Kids, Pretty birds. The most noted work of her is Bridesmaid (2011). Living with a dream would always be satisfying, and she is living the DREAM. She also has done the voice-over for animated movies. Thinking about her net worth? Well her net worth is $12 million (WOW).

Currently, she is dating Avi Rothman, an actor who plays in short movies. They were lately seen going to errand together in jeans. Rumors about her boyfriend were there and with a lot of sneaking and  hustles, media finally found out Avi. Before dating him, she had affairs with Brain Pestos and Scott Speedman. She was married to Hargrove and got a divorce in 2009. Here you can find detail information about it.(