Kris Jenner advises Kylie Jenner to stay single for a while after her split with rapper Tyga

Updated On 16 Oct, 2017 Published On

Kris Jenner has advised Kylie Jenner to stay single for a while after her split with rapper Tyga? Is Kris Jenner taking over Kylie Jenner’s life or has she always dominated her youngest daughter – from the start of her under-age relationship with Tyga to her first plastic surgery nips and tucks. Hush, little boy, don’t say a word as Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

However, it hasn't worked as Kylie is still Kylie, whether she likes it or not. She’s still stuck in the maelstrom of mother Kris Jenner’s claws, and escape is nigh impossible. Now that Kris Jenner has taken it upon herself to give Kylie the man that she needs, things in the Kardashian household have deteriorated. Perhaps things are worse at the Westboro Baptist Church, but I highly doubt it.

God woman, let your child grieve the loss of a man named after a tiger. It’s her grief to go through, not yours. The Kardashians suffer from a serious case of mass hallucination, perhaps it’s time Kris acts her age and allows her kids to make mistakes. It’s normal. It’s human. It’s what a mother – not a momager – should be. What do you think? Should Kris Jenner intervene? Or should Kylie Jenner be allowed to make her own mistakes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.