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Home Gossip Konstantin Khabensky's Life Before & After The Death of Wife Anastasiya Khabenskaya: Second Marriage

Konstantin Khabensky's Life Before & After The Death of Wife Anastasiya Khabenskaya: Second Marriage

Sabina Gartaula Tue Jun, 2018
Konstantin Khabensky's Life Before & After The Death of Wife Anastasiya Khabenskaya: Second Marriage

Konstantin Yurievich Khabensky, a.k.a. Konstantin Khabensky, is a Russian born actor, philanthropist, and director. He is currently married to wife Olga Litvinova. He is also the father of two children, one from his previous marriage and one with Olga. 

The 46-year-old Russian actor, who has won more than a dozen awards to date, was first married to his wife Anastasiya Khabenskaya

Continue reading to find out more about her previous marriage with his first wife Anastasiya Khanbenskaya, current marital life with Olga Litvinova, and his children. 

Konstantin Khabensky Marriage With Anastasiya Khabenskaya: Why Aren't They Together Anymore?

Khabensky was first married to Russian radio-journalist Anastasiya Khabenskaya. The duo started dating in May of 1999 and got married to each other just within a year of dating.

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They tied the knot on 12th Jan 2000 and were happily married. Seven years after tying the knot, the pair gave birth to their first child, a baby boy Ivan Konstantinovich Khabensky.

He was born on 25th September 2007, in Moscow and is 10-years-old as in 2018. 


The other day the stars performed at the Moscow Gogol Center in honor of the anniversary of the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation. All the funds raised were sent to the Trust of the Fund. Together with Constantine, the event was visited also by his eldest son, 10-year-old Ivan.

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Even though the birth of their first child was the happiest news for them, in the following year Khabensky lost his wife, Anastasiya to a brain tumor. The pair were in a marital relationship for eight years but unfortunately, his wife passed away on 3rd December 2008. 

After the death of his first wife, many things have changed in Khabensky's life. Let's find out more. 

Konstantin Khabensky's Married Life With Second Wife Olga Litvinova and Their Children

Khabensky indeed loved his first wife because he did not jump into any kind of relationship after her death. Matter of fact, he did not get back into the dating game until a few years. 

He got married only in 2013, five years after the death of his wife. He got married to Russian actress Olga Litvinova in 2013, and their marriage is still going very strong. 

They also have a daughter together. Their first child together and Khabensky's second child was born on 3rd June 2016, and she is 2-years-old at present. 

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Apart from her date of birth and age, there are no other details about their baby girl. 

Moving along, Khabensky and his wife Olga have been married for the past five years, and it seems to be going very well.

There are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce.