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Home Gossip Know All About Tanner Fox and His Relationship With Taylor Alesia, Also Their Past Affairs & Dating

Know All About Tanner Fox and His Relationship With Taylor Alesia, Also Their Past Affairs & Dating

Sabina Gartaula Thu Feb, 2018
Know All About Tanner Fox and His Relationship With Taylor Alesia, Also Their Past Affairs & Dating

With almost 7 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, Tanner Fox is a YouTuber, Instagram sensation and professional scooter rider based in the United States. He is best known for sharing his craft of scooter riding on his YouTube channel and also making random videos related to his personal life, entertainment, and others. Fox started his YouTube channel back in 2011 under the name MTFlims and posted his first video on the same day as well. 

Born on 22nd December 1999, Tanner is currently 18-year-old and is indeed a sensation with 3.5 million followers on his official Instagram page. Currently, he is in a relationship with a girl named Taylor Alesia. She can be seen on Fox's YouTube channel every now and then, and his Instagram is also filled with his baby girl.


who’s your daddy?

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Here, we are going to share some information about Fox's relationship with Taylor, and his past affairs. 

Tanner Fox relationship with girlfriend Taylor Alesia

Tanner Fox started dating Taylor Alesia, an internet sensation with 2 million followers on Instagram and 135k followers on Twitter, on 26th Jan 2017. On their first anniversary, the YouTuber uploaded a picture of the pair and captioned the picture sharing the details. 


it all started with a simple movie ticket... happy 1 Year to my Baby Girl 

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Moreover, Tanner first introduced Taylor to his fans back on 3rd April 2017, through a video titled, 'MY GIRLFRIEND'S FIRST TIME! (MEET MY GIRLFRIEND).' Ever since she appeared on his channel for the first time, she can be seen featured on his channel every now and then. 

Watch Tanner introduce Taylor on his channel

Before he introduced his girlfriend, his fans had already started doubting that the two were dating because she appeared in the background of many of his videos. 

Together, as a couple, they have made numerous videos like 'MEET OUR SON,' 'GIRLFRIEND WRAPPED MY GTR HOT PINK!** ANGRY,' and others. Taylor also has her own YouTube channel, and she also uploads videos related to her boyfriend there. 

Watch the video here

The couple is living the life they always dreamed of as Tanner has a massive net worth, and they have no problem spending some good time. Not long ago, the pair went Hawaii and Tanner made sure she shared pictures of himself and his girlfriend on their vacation with his fans. 

Watch Tanner and Taylor in their new dream house

Know more about his car purchase

Meanwhile, in Feb of 2018, Tanner uploaded a video where he and Taylor went house hunting and found the perfect house for themselves. And also let's not forget, she is all over his Instagram and Tanner seems to be very happy with her. 

Tanner Fox past relationships

Apart from his relationship with Instagram star Taylor Alesia, there are no details about the young star being in a relationship with any other girl. He might have had a girlfriend in the past, but Tanner has never really spoken about it or shared his experience of being in a relationship beforehand. 

Meanwhile, Taylor had gotten engaged in other relationships beforehand. Her first public relationship was with Taylor Caniff, an SNS star. They started dating after they met during the RV project tour and soon hit it off.

However, the ending of the relationship was not very happy as Caniff was not happy about her making their relationship, and he ended the relationship calling her a 'fame-seeking liar.'

Taylor Alesia and Taylor Caniff

Taylor Alesia and Taylor Caniff

Source: Superfame

Apart from this, she has also been in a relationship with a man named Mikey Baron, who is also an internet sensation. Other than this, there are no details about their relationship.