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Home Gossip Know about Winona Ryder strange looks in SAG Awards, Find out her net worth and career

Know about Winona Ryder strange looks in SAG Awards, Find out her net worth and career

Dilip Adhikari Wed Feb, 2017
Know about Winona Ryder strange looks in SAG Awards, Find out her net worth and career

Winona Ryder gave very strange looks in SAG Awards, which caught everyone's attention and also flooded Twitter with tweets about her strange looks. We are not just gonna talk about her SAG Award's strange looks but also the reason behind it.

Winona Ryder is one of the richest female actresses of all time, with the net worth of $18 million. We'll also find the facts behind her net worth and her career. Now, let's talk about her most talked moment in SAG Awards.

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Winona Ryder At SAG Awards

With the countdown ticking and time limit, David Harbour made every second count with his powerful, well-prepared speech at the SAG Awards after Stranger Things was named the Best Ensemble Drama. Winona Ryder stood alongside her co-star David as David gave his speech. Ryder was reacting with a series of facial expressions when David made his strong speech. Check out the reaction she gave.




With all those reactions on stage, there were tweets about her reaction saying she was making a emoji keyboard. Check out some of the tweets for yourself.

The reason behind her reaction was assumed that Ryder could not hear what David was saying or she was just working on her looks for “Stranger Things” Season 2 or according to Harbour he ran the speech to his co-stars at dinner, and Ryder missed it so she may be trying to follow along, making sure to hear what was said.

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Winona Ryder Net Worth built up

Winona Ryder's net worth is estimated around $18 million. The bulk of her wealth can be attributed to her acting and her most recent role in the Netflix series "Stranger Things" is sure to fatten her bank account. Even though Ryder has all the money in the world, she doesn't feel money matters to her on a personal level. She quoted,

Money doesn't matter on a deeply personal level. It doesn't make you feel any happier. But of course I am very aware that I don't have to worry about earning a living or about those very important practical things that most people have to worry about on a very real level. 

She was home-schooled because she was constantly bullied in school and later, Ryder took acting classes at the American Conservatory Theater due to which she scored her first role in the movie "Lucas,". But her major recognition came when she featured in "Beetlejuice". Along with that Ryder also portrayed her brilliant performance in the movies "Mermaids" and "Edward Scissorhands."


Winona Ryder

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Ryder was arrested for shoplifting in 2001 due to which she took a break from her acting career, but she resumed her career in 2010 when she starred in "Black Swan". 

Winona Ryder Awards

Winona Ryder is honored with awards such as The Golden Globe, The Giffoni Film Festival, and The San Francisco International Film Festival and has also been honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Other than the awards she has won, Ryder has also been nominated for many awards, including the Academy Awards, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, BAFTA and the Screen Actors Guild.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder with the Gloden Globe Award

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Winona Ryder was honored for best actress in supporting role in the movie "The Age of Innocence" for the first time. She is now listed in the category of the most honored actresses after she won the Gloden Globe Award as it is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards.