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Home Gossip Know American Actress Zendaya's Parents & Controversy Surrounding Their Interracial Marriage

Know American Actress Zendaya's Parents & Controversy Surrounding Their Interracial Marriage

Blueprince Thu Oct, 2018
Know American Actress Zendaya's Parents & Controversy Surrounding Their Interracial Marriage

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, or Zendaya, is an American actress well known for the role of Michelle Jones in the film Spiderman: Homecoming, which also stars famous actor Robert Downey Jr. The actress who leads a successful career has also parallelly maintained her relationship with her family. 

Well, unlikely it may seem, the 22 years old Zendaya has also been in a few controversies surrounding her family. The article below deals with the actresses' parents, her family life and controversies.

Zendaya's Parents And Her Relationship 

Zendaya was born in 1996 and is the only child of Kazembe Ajamau and Claire Marie Stoermer who are professional teachers. Well, Zendaya does have siblings from her father's other relationship.

Although she was born in 1996, her parents only got married in the year 2008 when Zendaya was in her teenage years. 

CAPTION: Zendaya's parents

Her father's ethnicity is African-American while her mother belongs to German, Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry. She got her name from her father, which means to give thanks in Bantu language used by the Shona people from Zimbabwe.

Her father currently serves as her manager and has even been spotted alongside her in Grammys when the actress was cozying up with Odell Berkham Jr.

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Controversy Surrounding Her Parent And Her Role in Spider-Man: Homecoming  

The actress had to face many racist comments when she was chosen for the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming starring Tom Holland. Fans did not approve of her biracial origins, and she became the target of racial discrimination.

With all the criticism hitting hard on her, she came up with proper words as a response.

CAPTION: Zendaya's response against the post concerning her parents
SOURCE: heightline

This is not the only time, she has gone through ugly comments from the public. Besides, in 2015, an internet post gained a lot of attention where she described to be too beautiful to be the daughter of her parents. The post really upset the actress.

So, were these criticism the reason behind their divorce? Let's find out.

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Zendaya's parents' Divorce

Zendaya's mother Claire Stoermer filed for a divorce from her father in 2016, after being together for almost 8 years. The reasons have still not been disclosed and in her divorce statement, she has not requested for any spousal support.

CAPTION: Zendaya's parents
SOURCE: heightline

We have a reason to believe that Kazembe and Claire separated from each other owing to the regular internet discrimination, but they still maintain a good relationship.

Zendaya's family

As we have already mentioned above, Zendaya has other 5 older brothers and sisters from her father's side. She has three sisters named Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman.

The actress also has nephews and nieces under her and she is quite close wither her niece Ezenia, who is elder than her.

CAPTION: Zendaya's entire family
SOURCE: Pinterest

She also has two brothers whose names are Austin Stoermer Coleman and Julien Stoermer Coleman. Further, there are no details regarding her siblings or anything concerning her family life but we can be quite assured that she is close to every one of them.

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