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Home Gossip Know about the Affairs of American Journalist Andrew Kaczynski; Is he Married?

Know about the Affairs of American Journalist Andrew Kaczynski; Is he Married?

Smriti Rai Tue Jul, 2017
Know about the Affairs of American Journalist Andrew Kaczynski; Is he Married?

Andrew Kaczynski is an American journalist and a political reporter for CNN. He is known as "the 2012 Republican primaries' most influential amateur opposition researcher". Andrew has worked in numerous channels like MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, PBS, and C-SPAN.

Andrew Kaczynski already received a popularity as a political reporter and is known to the world from his extravagant journalism career. But what about his love life? Due to the excessive media attention Andrew normally keeps his personal matters undercover. Who is his girlfriend or wife? Is he happy with his family? Let's find it out through this article.

Andrew Kaczynski's married life

Andrew found his love, both of them are of the same profession. Yes, the privacy is no more a secret Kachzynski is already married. His awaited wife is Rachel Louise Ensign who is the famous reporter for The Wall Street Journal.



Rachel is a banking reporter in New York focusing on Bank of America and commercial real-estate lending. She is also called as the Main Street Banks Reporter who handles business, market, and finance.

Ensign has written fruitful articles like Buffett's Berkshire to become America's Biggest Holder -- 3rd Update and Buffett Moves on BofA -- WSJ on the Wall Street Journal which became a huge success.


The couple bump into each other from their profession and their romance sparked instantly they met. Their first meeting was at intern group housing in D.C.

Kaczynski and his girlfriend announced their engagement in 2016. The lovebirds started dating for a while and later tied their knot and became husband and wife.


Their wedding ceremony was celebrated among the close friends and family friends. Ever since their marriage, they are living their life blissfully together.

Look Andrew's tweet supporting Rachel!



Rachel tweets constantly indicating her husband Andrew!



 Soon we might hear a good news for their planning of having a baby

Know Andrew Kaczynski's career in detail

Andrew became popular in public after posting old video clips of politicians, Many of those made statements contrary to their current political positions, to YouTube in 2011.

After that, he landed on a political field and start his career as a political reporter.

Check out his work at MSNBC!

He started working as a Buzzfeed reporter although he was a college student. Four years later, at the age of 26, he associated with CNN and started leading KFILE as a senior editor and a founder.

However, Andrew's career took off after his YouTube video post.



We heartily congratulate Andrew and his wife Rachel on their marriage and wish them for a better life.