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Home Gossip Know about PPAP singer Piko Taro / Daimaou Kosaka: net worth, salary, career, awards, songs, shows

Know about PPAP singer Piko Taro / Daimaou Kosaka: net worth, salary, career, awards, songs, shows

Ashmita Karki Sun Oct, 2016
Know about PPAP singer Piko Taro / Daimaou Kosaka: net worth, salary, career, awards, songs, shows

Piko Taro who is also known as Kosaka Daimaou is the singer of the PPAP song. He is an amazing personality who gained fame overnight.

His PPAP song went viral which broke the internet rapidly. He is also known to be the next PSY. But have you guys wondered how much money he made out his PPAP song? Do you know, what was his annual salary before his song made him famous worldwide? Today we will be talking about his net worth and salary.

Piko Taro/ Daimaou Kosaka's net worth

PPAP singer Kosaka Daimaou was not as famous in the past as he is at present. Therefore, his net worth has not been revealed yet, as it is still in the process of evaluation. Moreover, there is not much information about his personal life, wife or lover.

Image: Piko Taro/ Kosaka Daimaou

Piko Taro/ Daimaou Kosaka's salary

After his song PPAP became a super hit, Daimaou must have earned a lot of money. His annual salary must have reached the peak. However, it has also not been revealed yet.

Image: 43-yar-old Kosaka Daimaou looks younger than his age

Piko Taro/ Daimaou Kosaka's career

In 1997, Daimaou was in a band of a trio which fused comedy and music, which later changed its name to NBR that stood for New Bushidou Ravers. After changing the name the band took off the comedy to make Japanese festival and modern electronic music.

Besides, Daimou has also worked as a television host, radio host, commercials, comedian and an actor who has appeared in movies such as ‘Go- Con’, Japanese ‘Love Culture’ in 2002, ‘Nogami’ in 2012 and also ‘The Best’ in the same year.

He also appeared in a movie named ‘Helter Skelter’. Besides, he also has a game titled ‘JK Festive Vampire faith’ which as released in November 2014. He has released many songs too but most of it in Japanese.

Videos: Daimaou Kosaka before he was famous

In August 2016 Daimaou uploaded Piko Taro’s first YouTube video ‘PPAP’ which was in English language. This song helped him cover a huge mass of audience and it is the ultimate reason behind how he got famous.

Piko Taro/ Daimaou Kosaka's PPAP song

Kosaka found fame only after the release of his song PPAP which stands for Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. PPAP song does not make any sense but still it went viral over the internet soon after Piko Taro uploaded it into his YouTube account. Piko Taro is seen cladded in an animal print outfit showing some funny dance moves. The reason behind the PPAP song being famous is that it has funny and silly lyrics, the beat is catchy and addictive and the moves are easy and hilarious.

After being up uploaded on YouTube in August 2016, it had not gained much fame. But later, Justine Bieber shared his song through his official Twitter account, and that is when it got noticed. Later, the website 9GAG uploaded the video on their Facebook Page on September 26. That is how it went viral.


Piko Taro/ Daimaou Kosaka's awards

Kosaka has not received any awards till date.

Image: Piko Taro

Piko Taro/ Daimaou Kosaka's shows

There is not much information about his shows, but we are sure that he will get many shows soon because of his song PPAP.