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Home Gossip Know about Fast N’ Loud's Aaron Kaufman love affairs and dating rumors. Is he gay?

Know about Fast N’ Loud's Aaron Kaufman love affairs and dating rumors. Is he gay?

Ashmita Karki Sun Feb, 2017
Know about Fast N’ Loud's Aaron Kaufman love affairs and dating rumors. Is he gay?

Discovery channel’s Fast N’ Loud’s co-host Aaron Kaufman is a well-known personality among the bikes and cars lovers. He has gained much fame because of his profession and talents, thus his work and career are known by many but only a few know about Kaufman’s love life.

Kaufman is dating Lauren Moore Knob at present. Their relationship is going well without any hint of breakup. Today, we are here to provide you with Aaron's dating details. Stick with us.

Aaron Kaufman dating girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob

Reality show star from Gas Monkey Garage, Kaufman is not married yet. Yes, you read it right. However, he is currently in a relationship with Lauren Moore Knob. ?Image: Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore Knob

Image: Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore Knob

Source: E Celebrity facts

The pair started dating in 2013 and it is also said that they live together. Lauren appeared as a guest on one of the 2014's episodes of Fast N' Loud. As per recent reports are concerned, the couple is still dating, however, they rarely make an appearance in the public together.

Aaron Kaufman dated model Lindsay J.

Besides Knob, Kaufman also had a girlfriend in the past named Lindsay J. Kaufman’s positive attitude and charm must have won the heart of the lady as the pair dated for almost three and a half years.

The pair started dating even before Kaufman got fame. When Kaufman’s popularity rose along with Richard Rawlings, Lindsay started a blog where she addressed all the Kaufman’s fan’s questions. More interestingly, the blog’s name was ‘About That Bearded Guy’.

?Image: Aaron Kaufman and Lindsay J.

Image: Aaron Kaufman and Lindsay J.

Source: Liverampup

Despite it seems like Kaufman and Lindsay’s relationship was going well to all the fans, they broke up due to some mysterious reason. Kaufman never spoke about his relationship with Lindsay post his breakup.

Aaron Kaufman is not gay

Looking at Kaufman and his Fast N’ Loud co-host Rawlings chemistry, a lot of the fans suspected that Kaufman might be gay. However, there is no strong evidence to prove anything about Kaufman’s sexual preferences and more than that, he even has a girlfriend. That’s why it’s quite hard to admit Kaufman's gay rumors to be true.

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Image: Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings

Image: Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings

Source: Screener TV

Besides, he was also involved in several relationships in the past which also falsifies the rumors that he is a gay

Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore Knob's relationship

The fact that Knob's Instagram has cute photos of Kaufman proves that the pair's relationship is in great terms. We don't suppose that they will break up anytime sooner.


Happy birthday to this big hunk of man.?

A photo posted by Lauren Moore Knob (@mooreknob) on


Aaron Kaufman leaving Fast N' Loud

At present, Kaufman’s decision of not working in 'Gas Monkey Garage' is breaking the internet. It was confirmed by Richard Rawlings that the show Fast N’ Loud is apparently going to an end as Kaufman is leaving the Gas Monkey Garage.

He revealed the big news on, where he posted that it will be impossible to move forward without Kaufman’s talent and 'GMG' is not just a person or two but is a team. He thanked for his 13 year-long dedication in 'GMG' and expressed his best wishes for Kaufman’s future.

?Image: Aaron Kaufman

Image: Aaron Kaufman

Source: discovery

The bearded guy Kaufman has a dashing personality and when he is in the stage he creates a magic, and who doesn't like magic. Loved by everyone, Kaufman is a hard working man and we know hard work always pays off. Best fo luck to Aaron Kaufman for his future and we hope to see him again soon.