Know About American Actress Katharine McPhee And Details Sorrounding Her Salary, Net Worth, Awards

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    Katharine McPhee, who was on the Billboard 200 rose to fame after she won the runner-up title in the fifth season of American Idol. Katharine was at number two at Billboard 200 with over 381,000 copies of her debut album sold. Following this, Katherine's net worth started to increase and reached $6 million in 2017. Katharine earned around $40,000 when she was in the fifth season of American Idol.

    Katharine McPhee has also tested her skills in acting and has co-starred in The House Bunny and Shark Night 3D. Besides, she has also acted in American action-drama television series Scorpion which began its broadcast in 2014. In the series, Katharine played the character Paige Dineen.

    Katharine McPhee

    Katharine McPhee

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    Katharine was married to her ex-husband Nick Cokas in 2008, and later in 2014, the former couple filed for divorce. Later, there were rumors about her new relationships with David Foster. David and ex-wife of Nick Cokas were photographed together while kissing. Katharine and her ex-husband Nick's divorce was finalized in 2016.

    Katharine's Net Worth, Salary, and Properties

    In the year 2012, Katherine's net worth was $3,428,571 and later after a year her net worth increased by more than a million. Her net worth in 2013 was $4,800,00 which was escalating with time as she was at the greatest point of her career.

    The runner-up of the fifth season of the American Idol had a salary of around $50,000 while she was in the show. The estimated net worth of Katharine Mcphee was around $6 million. After she got the runner-up title in the American Idol, she released the debut album that sold over 381,000 copied and gained her more fame.

    Mcphee's music album Unbroken debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 27 selling 15,000 copies just in a week in 2010. The total income from the album was $1,048,951 as her debut album named as herself made $852,273 which was released in January 2007.

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    Katharine McPhee

    Katharine McPhee

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    Moreover, Mcphee also worked with Simon Fuller and had a contract with 19 Recordings Limited label. Her first single was Somewhere Over the Rainbow which was the second best selling single of 2006.



    Katharine Mcphee was as The 10 Top-Earning American Idols by Forbes in 2012. At that time, she made around $26,000 from her album Bombshell that was released in 2013. In 2012, she earned over $112,000 from The Music of Smash. Estimating her total earnings from 2011 to 2013 her income grossed over half a million and reached around $800K which was almost the same as the earing in 2016 which is $811,765. 

    In March 2014, she got the lead role in the TV series, Scorpion starring the character Paige. She had a salary of $40K per episode.

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