Know About Adelaide Kane 'The Reigning Queen Of Instagram' Affairs and Relationship

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The Reigning Queen of InstagramAdelaide Kane is one of the most beautiful and stunning actresses all over the world.

Adelaide Kane has established herself a successful and world-renowned actress with her great skills on acting. She is best known for her role as Lolly Allen in the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Nowadays, millions of her fans are being interested about the personal life of this sexy lady. After getting a lot of failure in relationships, Adelaide Kane is currently dating her co-actor of television series Reign, Sean Teale.

Let's talk more about Adelaide's private details here from today's column, so just Just stay with us.

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After getting out of numbers of love affairs: Adelaide Kane has been dating Sean Teale

Without wasting any time, we would first like you to know that 26 years old, Adelaide Kane is dating Sean Teale since November 2014. Their relationship is nearly three years old now, their love and passion for each other are increasing every day.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Sean Teale and Adelaide

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Sean Teale and Adelaide

Source: Pinterest

Now you might be wondering when they first met and how their relationship turns this much harder. So, let us tell you that the couple first met in 2013 while they were shooting for the television series Reign.

During the first few weeks of shooting, they both remained gracious and professional. But after a completed season, they started watching each other and finally began dating on 11 November of 2014.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane

Source: Pinterest

In the beginning of their relationship, both of them were very secretive about it and managed to keep their love affair only between themselves for quite a while.

However, later their relationship was confirmed after they were caught by paparazzi together and now the once a secret couple is seen posting numbers of their pictures in which they give cozy looks.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane

Source: Tumblr

A strong source recently said that the duo has moved very far in their relationship and are now planning to take their relationship to next level and getting married soon.

Looking at Adelaide's Instagram, she is seen kissing a screenwriter as well as a director Tyler Shield. However, he is believed to be just one of her best friends. Check it out.


The homie for 7 years and counting, so proud of you my TyTy ? #tylershields #provocateur

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Now, let's see how far the relationship between Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane goes. We just wish them all the very best for their future and we hope we will soon see them as husband and wife.

Before getting engaged with Sean, Adelaide was previously dating a number of boyfriends. Here's a list of the boyfriends she was having an affair in her past.

Name of Adelaide Kane's Ex-boyfriends Dating Period
Connor Paolo 2011-2012
Ian Bohen 2012-2013
Toby Regbo 2013-2014
Sean Teale (onscreen) 2013
Toby Regbo (onscreen) 2013
 Torrance Coombs (onscreen) 2013
                                              -                 -

Let's hope we don't have to add any Sean's name in the empty column and hope they never stop loving and supporting eachother.