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Home News King of the Surf Guitar, Guitarist Dick Dale Dies at 81

King of the Surf Guitar, Guitarist Dick Dale Dies at 81

Blueprince Mon Mar, 2019
King of the Surf Guitar, Guitarist Dick Dale Dies at 81

Guitarist Dick Dale known as the King of Surf Guitar died on the 16th of March 2019 at the age of 81 owing to reasons of heart failure.

Dick Dale passed away on Saturday as told by Dick's former bassist Sam Bolle.


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When asked to talk about Dale, Bolle said

He was an original, he always did things the way he wanted to do them ... his own way. Long before punk rock, he was doing that.

Dicak Dale pioneered and is also the inventor of the surf music, which became popular trough bands like The Beach Boys.

He had numerous solo albums and performed with a musical group named Del-Tones.

Over the course of his career, Dick Dale released 11 LPs, 14 compilation and live record albums.

His hit single Misirlou was used in the opening credits of the cult movie Pulp Fiction, starring Samuel L Jackson.

He worked with Fender, guitar company to make the first ever guitar amp of 100 watts and also other custom made amplifiers.

He is best known for pushing the limits of electrical amplification and helped build a gadget that produced distorted music, a foundation for many metal genres.

Dick Dale is also heavily acknowledged for inspiring guitarists like Eddie Van Halen and the late legendary Jimi Hendrix.

As per the sources, Dale was suffering from several health problems over the years.

He battled rectal cancer twice, suffered from a damaged vertebra and also had diabetes.

Born as Richard Anthony Mansour on May 4, 1937, Dick Dale was 81 years of age when he died on March 16, 2019.