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Home Gossip Kimberly Ann Vadala a husband of Colin Cowherd

Kimberly Ann Vadala a husband of Colin Cowherd

Navin shah Tue Nov, 2015
Kimberly Ann Vadala a husband of Colin Cowherd

Kimberly Ann Vadala was the wife of Colin Cowherd. She is really a very attractive lady. Kimberly is an American model by the profession. Kimberly got married to Colin Cowherd for some 10 years. But their married life was very troublesome. Thus, they planned to get separated.

Well, Let's find out more about the ex-couple's life. Are they in any relationship or they are still single after the end of their relationship with each other. Stay with us, we will let you know all the details about their life. 

Relationship Between Kimberly Ann Vadala and Colin Cowherd 

A young, dynamic, and beautiful lady who was married to Colin Cowherd has finally ended their relationship. The couple also has children together from their marriage. However, after their divorce, the children are in the custody of mother Kimberly.

Their children are really very cute. They are now the grown-up kids and are very well behaved and mannered. Kids are provided with both parental and maternal love. They too are provided with proper upbringing. Kimberly and Colin have managed to take care of their children in a good way even though they got separated.

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CAPTION: Colin Cowherd with his wife Kimberly Ann Vadala  SOURCE: pinimg

Talking about Kimberly's ex-husband Colin Cowherd, he is renowned worldwide as a radio host. He has a good reputation as a radio anchor. The way he presents himself on the radio is really very amazing. He too has a good qualification related to this field. Since his childhood, he has been interested in hosting the various shows.

His voice is really very mesmerizing. Some of the examples of his shows are The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN and ESPN radio. These were the two major shows where people loved him a lot. He has also been praised largely by his colleagues and his friends. As a child, Colin had a very sad story. His parents too got separated from each other. Thus, he had a miserable childhood life.

Collin and Kimberly both are a very renowned personality of United States. They fell in love with each other and got married. But the couple had the mysterious separation. Both of them haven't talked a word about the major reason behind their separation. However, the ex-couple is properly maintaining their relationship with their children. Here is a twit from Collin where he talks about his daughters birthday.

Currently, they are leading their life happily even without each other. Both of them are busy in their professional field. Both of them are taking good care of their children. Kim and Colin are active on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. Kim often uploads a picture of her with her children in the Instagram. Thus, it seems she is having a lovely life with her children even as she got separated from her husband.


Colin as a sports host has currently established himself as the renowned figures and are often seen hosting various shows and television programs. Here is a twitter video showing him host a show.

Well, apart from this, Colin is currently living with his second wife Ann Cowherd and are apparently happy together. Moreover, only time will tell us how well they are going to deal further with their life.

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