Kim Kardashian wants to Reduce her Butt Size, Will Husband Kanye West Allow?

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Kim Kardashian‘s enormous booty might have helped grab the world’s attention and make her a star overnight, but the mother of three is not quite happy with her butt size and wants to reduce it. As she continues to slim down and focuses more on exercise, her body has begun looking disproportionately small to her huge butt, a matter of concern for the reality TV star. However, according to sources, Kim’s husband Kanye does not like her idea of butt reduction.

Kim Kardashian is worried about her huge butt size and wants to undergo a butt reduction procedure

Kim Kardashian is worried about her butt size and wants to undergo a butt reduction procedure

Source: Yahoo

 According to, which spoke to a source close to Kim,

 “Kanye is dead set against Kim getting any kind of butt reduction, he does not want Kim doing anything to her body with surgery. He’s extremely anti-surgery plus he loves her big booty. He’s doing everything he can to talk Kim out of reducing it.”


Kim Kardashian's butt through the years

The source further said, “He’s not the only voice in her ear though, she’s got other people telling her she should do it. If Kim goes through with it she’ll have to totally hide it from Kanye until after the fact, so it’s not going to happen until he’s out of town for a while. Her plan right now is to stick to her fitness routine and do what she can naturally and then once things with the new baby calm down she’ll sneak away for the surgery, unless Kanye can talk her out of it somehow.”

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Kim flaunts her booty in blue jeans

Kim flaunts her booty in blue jeans

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Kim does not like the size of her buttocks although her fame resulted in thousands of women knocking the doctor’s door with Brazilian butt lift requests. She has denied that her butt is a result of any procedures.

Kim has also never revealed the actual size of her big booty. However, she has denied rumors that they measure 55 inches. “My butt is NOT that big,” she said. “I would say it’s 12 inches off, or something. But it’s definitely not 55 inches.”