Kim Kardashian shares how she helped Caitlyn Jenner get styled for the ESPY awards

Updated On 10 Sep, 2017 Published On

Kim Kardashian recently shared how she helped Kylie and Kendall Jenner's parent Caitlyn get styled for the ESPY awards “She gave me three days and said, ‘Can you get me something?’ I looked online. I shopped all over.”

Kim admitted that it was very difficult to find Jenner, Olympic gold medalist, a dress that was long enough and fit her properly, so she called one of her designer friends to get a custom made dress.

“I called Michael Costello. He was on Project Runway, so he has a studio in L.A. So he whipped up five things in two seconds. I sent her measurements. And she wore this white number.” the 35-year-old explained.


 As a child, Caitlyn  hated academics due to dyslexia and even flunked second grade.

The mother of two also revealed that Caitlyn Jenner wanted some heavy embellishments and as such, she had to disagree with Jenner's fashion choice for the night. However, she said she couldn't be happier with how everything panned out in the end.

“She wanted to accessorize it super crazy. I had to step in. I didn’t approve the shoes,” she said. “We’ve got to get Caitlyn some new shoes. It’s hard out there,” she added.

But aside from the ESPYs, Kim said she found this whole process enjoyable as she has been able to bond with Jenner over their shared love of fashion, saying it’s “so fun” to talk clothes with her.

“Really, everything looks good on her. She’s super slim. She definitely likes to be age appropriate. But then she’ll like really short things. She seems to love clothes,” she said.