Kim Kardashian's assistant talks about Kim's comeback post Paris robbery.

Updated On 18 Oct, 2016 Published On

Kim Kardashian was trending on Twitter following the incident of her being robbed in Paris at her hotel room Kim was kept on a gunpoint and robbed of her jewelry by people who came disguised as policemen.

Following that incident, Kanye West who too was about to do a concert had to leave that mid-way stating some family emergency.

Wondering how is Kim coping with all of this and where is she now?

Although Kim made her appearance recently after the incident happened for something to eat with tight security she really has not been facing the media as such but well her assistant has spoken up for her. Kim Kardashian’s assistant Steph Shep updated her followers and fans about the status.

She informed that Kim was taking the much needed time off and that she would come back with a bang for her followers. All they need is to have patience.

Coping up with a traumatic incident Kim was taking an off however though the fans need not worry as all her closest friends and family will be there to entertain the fans and keep them much engaged.

We wish for Kim to recover soon and that we are eagerly waiting for her comeback.