Kim Kardashian On Beach In Her Sexy Bikini Avatar, Tweets Kourtney Kardashain On Her Birthday

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Kim Kardashian who is spending her holidays in Punta Mita with her sister Kourtney Kardashian and few other friends has made the internet go crazy with her latest pictures.

The actress reportedly walked down the beach in Mexico revealing her sexy curves. Well, the actress didn't even seem to be bothered when a paparazzo shot these pics.

Kim Kardashian walks on the beach in MexicoKim Kardashian walks on the beach in Mexico

But lately, on Monday, Kim gave fans a full rundown of what's really going down in Mexico.

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Video: Kim Kardashian Vacation in Mexico With Friends

"So I'm gonna give u guys a play by play of the trip so far...," Kim said. "@kourtneykardash threw up in her bed 4 times and slept in it."

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"What?! And that was just the beginning. "@sarahrhoward tweaked her neck twerking (I will snap chat videos soon)," Kim continued. "[email protected] spiked my Oreo shake to try to get me to not eat it because she's fat shaming me. Nicole Reda had a 10 min black out & tried to fight @steph_shep."


@KimKardashian @jenatkinhair can you tell kylie she's an amazing dancer

On a tweeting crossfire, Kim also grabbed the twitter handle to share video and pictures of the group's antics, which included posing with an inflatable penis. Eventually, it seemed like Kourtney rallied after her night of vomiting, as Kim tweeted, "Oh and @kourtneykardash won't stop doing naked cartwheels." 


And this smashing dance.



Well, seems like the sisters are having a good time with their friends.