Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism For Working With Donald Trump, But She Doesn't Care

Updated On 21 Apr, 2019 Published On

American TV personality Kim Kardashian has lately been facing a lot of criticism for her recent visit to the president of United States Donald Trump. However, she doesn't seem to be bothered by any of the comments.

Well, the reality star recently met the president in order to communicate about the Republican U.S. leader infamous in her home state of California Alice Johnson, who had been serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking since 1996.

Video: When Kim Met the convict Alice Johnson

The actress reportedly conversed with Trump to grand her clemency. Kim even met Johnson after she was released on parole.  

Well, Kardashian is reportedly studying to become a lawyer and has been putting efforts to make criminal justice reform. She has also built a good rapport with the White House and has been working hard to obtain more clemencies.

Explaining her efforts for criminal justice, Kim kept her words on CNN's Van Jones Show in an interview airing on Saturday. She said,

So many people have would say to me, 'Don't go to the White House, your career will be over. Don't go there,' and I just kinda weighed the decision where it was like, to save a life, or to get maybe bad tweets about me or a bad news story for a few days, I guarantee you the people sitting behind bars do not care who the president is. They just want that relief. And so if I could have done that, I don't care.

While there are many criticisms coming her way, there are many who are with praises for her, requesting her to bring about more changes in the political arena.