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Home Gossip Khandi Alexander's rumours of marriage is false? But what about her boyfriend?

Khandi Alexander's rumours of marriage is false? But what about her boyfriend?

Ashmita Karki Sun Nov, 2016
Khandi Alexander's rumours of marriage is false? But what about her boyfriend?

American actress Khandi Alexander is a multi-talented lady. She is not only an actress but also a choreographer and a dancer. She is not only talented but equally beautiful.

Inspite of being 59 years old, Alexander looks so young and graceful than any 30-year-old woman. However, she does not have a husband yet, as she is not married. But it seems like Alexander has a boyfriend.

Khandi Alexander has a boyfriend

When alexander appeared as Maya Lewis in ABC’s drama ‘Scandal’, it shocked a lot of people. Alexander had not told anyone that she was doing a role in ‘Scandal’. During an interview, she said: “The executive producer, Mark Wilding, called me and offered me the part. And he said, ‘The only thing I can tell you is that you’re Mama Pope and you can’t tell anybody anything. Do you want it or don’t you? Is it a yes or a no?’ I said, ‘I’m in and I won’t say anything.’ And I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t tell my agent, my manager, my boyfriend. I didn’t tell anybody and I didn’t know anything….They knew I was doing the show but they didn’t know anything about what I was playing.”

Image: Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander is not married

Even though Alexander is quite mysterious about her personal life and love affairs, she mentioned in the interview that she has a boyfriend. Yet, she very clearly wanted her fans to know that she has not married her man yet. This directly implies to the fact that she doesn't have any children yet. Isn’t that interesting?  However, except the fact that Alexander is no single, she has not disclosed who the lucky guy is. Whoever he is, we seriously hope that Alexander ties the knot with the man of her dreams very soon and shower us with some amazing photos of her wedding.

Image: Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander’s short bio:

Khandi Alexander was born on 4th September, 1957 in New York City. She is the daughter of Alverina Yavonna and Henry Roland Alexander. She went to Queensborough Community College. Her career as a dancer began in 1980s. During the Whitney Houston’s 1988-1992 world tour, Alexander was one of the choreographers. Her acting career began in 1985 while she did the sketch-comedy show FTV. In 1990s, she appeared in movies such as ‘CB4’, ‘Joshua Tree’, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’, ‘Poetic Justice’, ‘Sugar Hill, ‘There’s Something About Mary’, etc. Apart from these, she has also appeared in NBC medical drama ‘ER’, NBC sitcom ‘NewsRadio’, HBO’s miniseries ‘The Corner’. Alexander also appeared as Dr. Alexx Woods in CBS’s ‘CSI: Miami’, LaDonna Batiste-Williams in HBO’s 'Treme' and Maya Lewis in ABC’s ‘Scandal’. This talented lady is neither married nor divorced.