Kevin Spacey Denies Threatening Man Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault

Updated On 07 Apr, 2019 Published On

Defending himself! Kevin Spacey has denied threatening the man who accused him of sexual assault, claiming that his Christmas video was simply fiction.

According to court documents obtained, the Rebel in the Rye star responded to the complaint John Doe made against him for an alleged sexual battery.

John accused the actor, 59, of uploading a Christmas video on YouTube to place fear upon his accusers.

Denying the accusation, Kevin says John "makes outlandish and incendiary claims about an internet video from December 2018."

He continued,

Specifically, Plaintiff conflates fact and fiction to claim that a video in which Mr. Fowler (Spacey) performs in character somehow is a disguised threat aimed at Plaintiff. Nothing in the video mentions anything about Plaintiff, his allegations, or this case. Nothing in the video is ‘[i]n apparent response to the serious allegations levied against him’ as Plaintiff claims in his opposition.

John filed documents trashing the actor over his YouTube video, saying he released that video to embody a "sociopathic villain who cheats, lies, and murders" and threat the accusers.

Kevin pointed out that he released the YouTube video before being the lawsuit was filed against him.

Kevin Spacey then spoke about another accuser, Anthony Rapp. He said that Anthony has been quoted as saying people online are "incredibly supportive."

He demands the judge to throw out the entire case immediately. The man had sued the actor in 2016 accusing him of assault and battery.

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