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Home News Kevin Spacey Costs Netflix Millions

Kevin Spacey Costs Netflix Millions

Abhinawa Devkota Mon Jan, 2018
Kevin Spacey Costs Netflix Millions

Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of abuse by multiple people, has cost popular streaming sit Netflix tens of millions of dollars. 

Netflix (NFLX) said on Monday that it had suffered a loss of $39 million due to the actor’s behavior. In its letter to investors, the company mentioned "$39 million charge for content” that "we've decided not to move forward with."

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However, the company was not specific about the content it was forced to axe, though sources have said that the company had decided to terminate Spacey’s projects.

The Financial Times first reported Netflix’s decision.

House of Cards, featuring Spacey in the lead, became one of the most successful projects of the company after it debuted in 2013. The actor was said to have turned the sets of House of Cards into the polluted playground, targeting young men. The series will now end in season 6 without Spacey making any further appearances.

Similarly, Netflix has also decided to cancel its plans to release Gore, based on the life of American writer Gore Vidal. The series was already in the post-production phase.

Spacey has been accused by actor Anthony Rapp for touching him the inappropriate way when he was just 14.