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Home News Kevin Hart Defended Kathy Griffin and said Comics Always Take Risks

Kevin Hart Defended Kathy Griffin and said Comics Always Take Risks

Pramesh Baskota Wed Jun, 2017
Kevin Hart Defended Kathy Griffin and said Comics Always Take Risks

Looks like comedians are united against the whole Kathy Griffin situation. Comedian-actor Kevin Hart recently shared his views on Bill Maher using the N-word on the air and Kathy Griffin posing with fake blooded Trump head.

Kev on a show called the view gave a hint about how he feels about the recent situation and the changes. Here is what Hart said: 

With anything comes change, and I think the times are different now and As a comedian, you have to understand and respect that. 

He added also showed the changed that Era of social media has brought:

The era of social media has given negativity the power to spread at an accelerated rather -viral equals virus.In any case, fellow comedians need to be aware of their platform and use proper judgment.

Finally, He gave his views on how comics sometimes do cross the lines

You’re just looking at comics being comics. We always take risks, but sometimes it can be distasteful

At a point where many critics are giving strong views on Maher should lose his job over the controversy, Hart thinks no one should suffer at this level and live in fear of losing his job on such kind of things.

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He said on a personal level he would never have done and given air to all the negativity but what is done is done. So everyone should move on from that point.

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Here is what he think was the problem with Maher:

I’m not in a place to do that. I won’t throw any negativity that way, but I will say that certain things can just not be tasteful

He further added:

I don’t think Bill Maher is a racist, but you know the consequences of using the word, and you know how many people view into your show. It was stupid.

Afterward, he took a few moment to show his support on Kathy Griffin Issue, he offered up an advice to Kathy Griffin and said

“I get that it was a joke.  It wasn’t received well, you apologize, you step away from it.

We all know Kevin on his standup acts as a comic makes a lot of offensive jokes but they are mostly on himself and what he tried to pursue in simple words means that he feels for both of the celebrities as they just tried to move a card a little forward and the act backfired but according to Hart, that is what a comedian is supposed to do. They are going to make mistakes and learn from it. Sometimes people don't usually laugh at jokes and may feel offended but that doesn't mean anyone should stop doing comedy and loose his/her jobs.