Kevin Federline Tries to Settle Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Britney Spears Out of Court

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Kevin Federline is trying to keep things on the down low! The back-up dancer has been attempting to continue his child support battle with ex-wife Britney Spears out of the court, celebrity divorce attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan says.

Mark told media that Kevin wants to settle the custody battle amicably without heading to the courthouse.

He said,

Kevin tried to settle this amicably without getting the court involved. Jamie Spears didn’t want to go that route, and now will have to deal with the court intervention, which again, we tried to avoid.

Meanwhile, according to a source, the Criminal singer's attorney, Laura Wasser, “promised Jamie Spears he would never have to pay KFed’s lawyer any attorney’s fees”.

However, a “judge ordered Britney’s camp” to pay legal fees owed thus far” in the closed hearing on Friday, August 3.

CAPTION: Kevin Federline Tries to Settle Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Britney Spears Out of Court SOURCE: AceShowbiz

Mark says he is “pleased with the temporary fee award.”

He said,

The judge made several key rulings that we are very, very happy with. First and foremost, a special referee was appointed that will oversee the financial discovery going forward. The judge in family court also referred us to a private retired judge to determine if a resolution can be made without having to go through the carnage and litigation of a trial.

Mark continued,

What this means going forward is that there won’t be anymore delays. If there is an objection made at a deposition, it will be immediately ruled on by the retired judge, so there won’t be anymore of these lengthy delays.

According to an insider, Jamie was “going to be hopping mad” about the ruling.

As previously reported, in early June, multiple sources confirmed that Britney, 36, was served a subpoena for a deposition to “discuss her personal finances”.

A source revealed at the time that Laura “accepted the subpoena on Britney’s behalf”. The insider further added that the “subpoena also included financial discovery, including Britney’s most recent tax returns, and a completed income and expense declaration.”

In May, the 40-year-old Celebrity Fit Club star filed to increase child support payments from his ex-wife, with whom he was married for three years (2004-2007) and shares two sons, Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11.

Britney had filed for divorce from her estranged husband on November 7, 2006, citing irreconcilable differences and had asked for both physical and legal custody of their kids with visitation rights for Kevin.