Kevin Bacon's SonTravis Bacon: Know Details about his Affairs and Dating History

Kevin Bacon's SonTravis Bacon: Know Details about his Affairs and Dating History

Popularity comes hard to many. But for some, being merely a celebrity's child suffices.Travis Bacon, a rock musician and the only son of  Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, has reached stardom mainly by hitching a ride on his father's fame.

The member of the metal band Black Anvil, Travis seems quite shy when it comes to his personal life. Unlike his parents, he rarely discloses his personal life, which has only piqued people's interest in it. So, is this rockstar-to-be dating anyone? Well, its time to know the affairs, relationships and sating history of Travis.

Travis Bacon's relationships, dating history

Travis Bacon has become a heartthrob of many, especially girls. But, his silence regarding his relationships and affairs is driving his female fans crazy.

Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon, the only son of Kevin and Kyra

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Well, being so famous and alluring should not always be the reason for having a girlfriend, even if everyone expects you to have one.Yeah, you guessed that right! Travis is not dating anyone as reported. It seems that he has not found the love of his life. Travis, who is trying to make his mark in the music industry, is officially single.

Travis Bacon with his parents

Travis Bacon with his parents, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

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That does not mean he is away from love, though. Travis is said to be extremely close to his parents, going as far as to attend the screening of Story of A Girl, a movie directed by his mother, in NYC. 

Travis and his sister, Sosie

Brotherly love: Travis with his sister, Sosie

Source: dailymail

But Travis, the son of two celebrities, might have also learned a lesson from his parents' life about the perils of disclosing personal details to the media and decided to remain tight-lipped about his affairs. 

The future will tell more about the 28-year-old star. Until then, all we can do is wish him all the best.

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Incident with Travis 

Back in the day, when Kevin had just become a father, he locked his baby, Travis, in the locked car with keys inside. It was a moment of much agitation for both Kevin and Kyra. Luckily, any accident was prevented. The couple somehow managed to find a guy to break through the car window to take Travis out from the car. Lucky Travis!!

Travis Bacon: actor and singer

In addition to playing the guitar for his band Black Anvil, Travis has also played in the 2005 movie Loverboy. It is the only movie he has acted in so far, and its cast includes all the members of his family. 

Travis Bacon in the band "Black Anvil"

Travis Bacon's band, Black Anvil

Source: alchetron

Black Anvil was formed back in 2007. However, Travis joined the band in 2016. Before that, he was in the band White Widows Pact. He recorded the song for Story of A Girl in 2017.