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Home Gossip Kerry Katona Opens up About Her Relationship with Husband George Kay, Know in Detail

Kerry Katona Opens up About Her Relationship with Husband George Kay, Know in Detail

Greece Mon Jun, 2019
Kerry Katona Opens up About Her Relationship with Husband George Kay, Know in Detail

Kerry Katona is no more in a relationship with George Kay who is supposed to be her third husband. The lovely couple divorced after six years of marriage. Well, it is really sad news, but what was the relation behind the divorce? 

Are Kerry's five children responsible for their split or the reason is something else? Also, there are many controversies regarding their relationship and that could as well be the reason behind their split.

To know more in detail about the controversies and reason behind their break-up, you may scroll down.

Divorce Reason: Kerry Katona's alcoholism and Unfaithfulness

No one can deny the fact that the Kerry Katona was once a super alcoholic and even was a drug addict. However, in 2008, Kerry admitted she had been diagnosed as an alcoholic and was battling drug addiction in the past. But since 2009, she claims to be clean.

In contrast to the very fact of Kerry's claim being clean since 2009, George Kay explained her drinking led to their split. Moreover, he even said, Kerry was too much of an alcoholic that "she becomes out of control whenever she is drunk." George said,

She flips her lid about anything. She'll scream and shout, then she gets very aggressive. I've had to report to the police in the past.



It even came to be known that Kerry had an abusive nature and she once hit George around the face with a glass tumbler, shortly after they moved house in 2015.

In addition, in an interview with News! Magazine, George said,

Yes, we had our problems but towards the end of our relationship there was someone contacting her called James. He was calling and messaging her at night when we were in bed.”

Kerry Katona reveals, she lived in fear

On contrary to George's statement on their divorce, the English singer said that she lived in fear of her husband.

In an interview, she revealed children begged her to leave her husband George Kay because she was living in constant fear.

Kerry Katona with her adorable five children

Kerry Katona with her adorable five children 

Source: Mirror 

Furthermore, she said,

He has had so much power over me for so long, but I can’t let my children go back to that, even if I could.

She revealed herself being spit on the face and that he would not let her have friends either. George wanted all of her time for himself and had a possessive nature.

Kerry Katona was bound to call a cop to throw George out of her home

The TV reality star had to call the police in order to let George throw out of her home and family. She was forced to take this action out of her fear. At that moment, she felt helpless for herself and for her beloved children.

Of that moment, she described,

I feel like the worst mother in the world and I will never forgive ­myself.

She apologized for committing such a blunder mistake by choosing George as her husband where she was tortured by him almost every day.

She even regrets more for not being able to let her child not hear about what they heard or saw from her disastrous relationship with George.

Well, there always comes a bright morning after a dark night. Similar did happen in the life of Kerry and her children. Now Kerry is living happily with her five children and feels great with the decision that she took of being apart from her ex-husband George. 

As of January 2019, there is a rumor of Kerry having a secret relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Mahoney.

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