Kendall Jenner urges America to Vote

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With the US Elections surely Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have to go to make it to the D- day.

However, as citizens, you too have the responsibility and the most important duty for you right now is to vote. For that, a lot of celebrities have ensured to show their hatred and love for the nominees. While some have even made comparisons there has also been instances where stars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z have actively supported the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In fact with all feminism hailing trail in Hollywood making Hillary Clinton the president has surely been one of the biggest issues.

IN that there have also been some who have made comparisons between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as the one like of Umbridge and Voldemort. However America this is also your time to choose and decide your leader. Indeed it is the time to make America great again and so you need to vote.

Reminding you of this very important duty model Kendal Jenner took on to her Instagram to show that she is going to vote and you must too. With that, she did show her as a supporter of Hillary Clinton but well now is the time to choose.


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Your celebs are definitely going to vote and you should too.

Go Vote #ThisElectionDay because #YouCan!