Kevin Hart's ex wife Torrie claims he cheated on her with latest spouse Eniko Parrish

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Eniko Parrish, who married Kevin Hart in 2016 is expecting her first child, she caused a whole lot of drama on the social media when she wrote on Instagram that she and Hart had been together for the past 8 years. Well, things went wrong when fans noticed that Kevin Hart and Torrie divorced only 6 years ago.

Check out the post where Eniko captioned her relationship with Kevin Hart is of 8 years during their first year anniversary.

Parrish replied to one fan who pointed out the odds, saying in now deleted comment,

"Their marriage was broken way before I came in the picture.They were separated living in separate homes. I was never a secret."

Following another deleted comment she said "rumors were spread" by Torrie a year ago cause she wanted to play 'victim' and not own up to her wrongdoing," and added;

"I never wrecked any home."

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Kevin Hart and his current wife Eniko Parrish to the left and his ex-wife Torrie to the right.

Kevin Hart and his current wife Eniko Parrish to the left and his ex-wife Torrie to the right.

Source: People

The comment war went too far when Torrie caught word, she wrote and deleted response to Eniko saying she forced her hand to respond.She added she wants her children to be happy and they have made a successful co parenting-family and don't want to mess with it. 

Kevin Hart's ex-wife Torrei Hart spoke out whether Eniko and Kevin started dating before Kevin split with Torrei. Mother of two Torrie told TMZ:

"Numbers don't lie.Dates don't lie at the end of the day."

She says she is happy for them and their upcoming baby. Her kids are also very happy about having siblings on the way adding she is unaware of the fact where all of the controversial things are coming from. 

She even added,

"Let's be family for real because at the end of the day we're stuck with each other. So let's make it happy"

Now the question is, "Did Kevin Hart cheated on his ex-wife? 

Kevin Hart responded differently to the whole situation.The 38-year-old blasted people who know more about his private life than he does after he was accused of cheating his ex-wife.

The star fumed in an Instagram stories video that he even had people approaching him to share their views and he said 'what they felt was factual information about me' on the street.

Kevin Hart's Instagram story

Still from Kevin Hart's Instagram story

Source: dailymail

Sitting shirtless on the couch, he said he wants to be honest with all of his fans. He no longer feels shocked about the news circulating around. And added

"All I do is laugh man. I had a person tell me what they felt was factual information about me. While they were talking to me.

Most of all, he is surprised when people on the street who he has never talked to know more about his private life than he does.

Feels like he is done with the internet drama and no longer cares about what people think of him.

He thinks he has already shared information about his past 'great detail' in his book I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons, which was a 'best-seller.' 

Kevin Hart, Eniko Parris

Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart

Source: Dailymail

Last August in a lavish Calfornia ceremony after a two-year engagement and many years of together, Hart and Parrish married. At that time he told Entertainment Weekly" I already feel married, the wedding is really just for her."

Relationship goals: Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish, video 

In May they announced their first baby news, telling PEOPLE they are expecting their first child together, a little boy and are overjoyed about their new addition to the family.