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Home Gossip Kellin Quinn and wife Katelynne Quinn hold a magical spell

Kellin Quinn and wife Katelynne Quinn hold a magical spell

Richa Thu Apr, 2016
Kellin Quinn and wife Katelynne Quinn hold a magical spell

Kellin and Katelynne are counted as most beautiful couple by their fans. Kellin, who is the lead vocalist of 'Sleeping With Sirens', has earned his fame not only from the band but also from the clothing line-'Anthem Made'. The couple, who married in 2013, seems to have a trouble free post-marriage life.

 Being the father of their daughter, Copeland, along with that he is also taking good care of his step sons as well named Rowan and Liam. Kellin his happy with his family and enjoying the moment which is also reflective on social networking sites.

Kellin never brought himself to any rumors and controversy in fact his love with his wife is openly expressive looking in social media as well where they can be seen exchanging their moment with each other. According to Kellin, his one and only affair till date is with Katelynne, whom he got married to and says he is totally satisfied with the decision. They are often seen in public restaurants exchanging their love and in public parties as well. Kellin credits all his hard work and success to his wife as he claims that it is only because of her that he is successful in his life.

Katelynne, on other hand, can be seen expressing her qualitative time with her husband in social networking sites as well. Mostly, their picture of love can be seen on Instagram and in their last post, Katelynne with black outfit was holding hand of Kellin with Caption that read: Good Time With My Hubby, took the attention of many of their fans. Even the picture was shared by many of their close people. The net worth of Kellin is enormous and as a result, he is able to deliver quality life to his family, who make his life worth living.