Keith Urban Buys $52 Million Mansion For Wife Kidman Kidman

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Keith Urban has brought $52 million mansion in New York for wife Nicole Kidman. The 50-year-old country singer has celebrated the huge sum on the plush seven-bedroom property, which was once Michael Jackson's home, to enable his 50 years old significant other to proceed her dream of acting on stage in Broadway.

An insider said:

Nicole is keen to do Broadway shows and get into making TV programmes and New York is a much better place for them to be than Nashville.

Keith Urban Buys $52 Million Mansion For Wife Kidman Kidman

Keith Urban Buys $52 Million Mansion For Wife Kidman Kidman

Source: dailymail

The couple, who have been married for 11 years, is also believed to be relocating from Nashville to New York for the better education of their daughters, 9-year-old Sunday, and 6-year-old Faith.

A friend added to Woman’s Day magazine:

It has some of the top schools in the country and they think their girls would really benefit from moving to the Big Apple now they’re getting a bit older.

The Upper East Side house has eight bathrooms and a grand oak staircase which could be an ideal backdrop for family selfie-taking. Furthermore, there is a private outdoor area and Nicole might have been particularly taken in by the huge kitchen after recently he admitted that he loves big Thanksgiving meals.

He said:

The first Thanksgiving I ever had here, which was 25 years ago, because I’ve been here a long time now. But the first one I ever had, I remember going to this family’s home, they invited me to Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t believe the volume of food. It was insane. I’ve never seen so much food in my life.

‘Then after the food, there was like 12 desserts. I was like, ‘Why are there so many desserts?’ They said, ‘Well, because every Aunt and every Grandma, everybody brought their thing, their special dessert, and you have to try every one of ‘em.’

He further added:

I’m like, ‘There’s like three apple cobblers.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, but they’re made by different people and they’re all watching, so you have to make sure you try everything up there.’

‘I was in love with Thanksgiving immediately.’