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Home News Keith Powell's Wife Jill Knox Gives Birth, Welcomes a Baby Girl

Keith Powell's Wife Jill Knox Gives Birth, Welcomes a Baby Girl

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Mar, 2019
Keith Powell's Wife Jill Knox Gives Birth, Welcomes a Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Keith Powell and Jill Knox! The 30 Rock alum's loving wife has given birth; they have welcomed a baby girl, more than a year after losing stillborn son Greyson.

The television personality, 40, took to Twitter on Sunday, March 10, to announce the arrival of the latest addition to the family, with sharing a photo of the newborn resting her hands on Jill’s chest.

They have named their adorable daughter Dolyn Reed.

He captioned the post,

After 5 years of trying, and the loss of our dear sweet stillborn Greyson last year, my wife and I are proud and happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Dolyn Reed Powell (Dolyn, short for Gwendolyn, my grandmother’s name) on 3/9/19. Love!

Here's the tweet, check it out.

The proud mom, for her part, shared a series of pictures from the hospital prior to, and after, the birth of the baby girl on Instagram.

In the caption section, she wrote a lengthy story regarding her pregnancy journey.

View this post on Instagram

It is with tremendous joy that I share with you all, a most incredible support system, that Dolyn Reed Powell arrived at 1:01 am on Saturday, March 9th. Her entrance into the world was rather scary but we made it and we are thriving. (Swipe for the journey) I went in to see my doctor on Tuesday for my 2x week baby monitoring and he saw some variables in her heart rate that he didn’t feel comfortable with. He sent me to check in to the hospital, hoping to induce me that day. Two days shy of 37 weeks would have made Dolyn (short for Gwendolyn - Keith’s Grandmother) a pre-term baby, and the head of Maternal Fetal Care was NOT having it. *Word on the street is that Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy is based on this doctor.* So I sat for 3 days attached to a monitor. I called in for reinforcements (a barber to give my hair some jazz and some HoBE to keep the steam train going). Finally my original induction date came and SURPRISE! My body went into labor on its own. We thought it was a great sign. After about 9 hours those scary variables in the baby’s heart rate from the Tuesday before took a very bad turn. The room of me, Keith, a nurse, and a resident all of a sudden filled with bodies in action. I was held down to the gurney I’d spent 3 days on, and rolled with haste to an OR. I looked behind me and Keith was in scrubs. I was super confused. It happened so fast. The baby’s heart rate was decreasing by the contraction and they decided to pull her, worried that she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I know emergency C-Sections happen everyday but after what happened last year we couldn’t help but be absolutely terrified.  But now she’s here. We couldn’t be happier and we can’t wait to get her home. Thank you all, once again, for surrounding Dolyn with love.

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The arrival of the new bundle of joy comes more than a year after the couple lost their first child, a baby boy, who died in the womb days before his birth.

Keith became married with visual artist Jill in October 2013.

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