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Home Gossip Keira Knightley Nose Job after marriage with Musician husband James Righton

Keira Knightley Nose Job after marriage with Musician husband James Righton

Rabina Koirala Wed Nov, 2016
Keira Knightley Nose Job after marriage with Musician husband James Righton

Keira Knightly has been the hot and sexy face of Hollywood for long now. Starting off an acting career in Hollywood at a young age, Keira has been able to make quite a name for herself in the industry.

Keira was loved for her roles in the Pirates series. And Keira probably loved it even more because she got to work alongside Johnny Depp, who is one of her favorite actors. Keira was seen in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,  Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, and Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End.

Image: Keira Knightley

And just like her professional life, she has been living a happy married life for a few years now too.


Keira's Married Life

Keira is not very explicit about her personal affairs. But thankfully we do get rare glimpses into her personal affairs through interviews and her movie promotions. 

Keira has dates a few men since her early days in the industry. She was dating actor Del Synnott when she was just 16. The relationship lasted from 2001 to 2003. The duo met while filming for "The Princess of Theives" together.

Then after breaking up with Synnott, Keira dated "50 Shades of Grey" actor Jamie Durnan for two years. Jamie and Keira broke up in 2005. Then in the late 2005, Keira was seen with Pride and prejudice co - star Rupert Friend. But even this relationship ran its course after a solid 5 years.

Image: Keira with her husband James Righton

Then in 2011, Keira started dating her current husband, musician James Righton. They stayed away from the media forlong. Only in 2012 they revealed that they were engaged and had set the wedding date for next year. On May of 2013, Keira and James got married in Mazan, Vaucluse in the south of France.

With her husband James, Keira, 31, has a daughter named Edie, who was born in London in May, 2015.

Image: Keira Knightley with her husband and her daughter back in 2015


Keira's Plastic Surgery

Unlike many celebrities, Keira has actually confessed that she wouldn't mind getting under the knife to enhance her beauty cosmetically. Keira has small features which led her to wanting to have implants on her breasts. Well, nothing yet so far has been seen on that matter, but her nose definitely seemed a lot less smaller than we remembered them a few years back.

She went public with her desire to get a plastic surgery. Now we probably have to wait for her to come public about her Rhinoplasty (Nose Job).

Image: Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures of Keira Knightly

What do you think of celebs getting plastic surgeries? Do you think Keira Knightley needs any?

Share us your thoughts in the comments below.