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Home Gossip Katy Perry's Relationship With Boyfriend Orlando Shaky, Divorced Husband Russell Brand In 2012,

Katy Perry's Relationship With Boyfriend Orlando Shaky, Divorced Husband Russell Brand In 2012,

Jharna Prasai Tue Mar, 2017
Katy Perry's Relationship With Boyfriend Orlando Shaky, Divorced Husband Russell Brand In 2012,

The fourteen times People's Choice Awards Winner and four Guinness World Recorder, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson or Katy Perry is a successful American singer and songwriter. Greyish-blue eyed Katy is currently dating British actor Orlando Bloom after the break up with John Mayer.

Once married but divorced Katy is now rumored to be breaking up with Orlando. But what's the matter? And are the couple seriously breaking apart? Today we are going to reveal the truth behind the rumor. 

Stick with us, to know all about Katy and Orlando's affairs and breakup rumors.

Katy and Orlando started dating each other after Golden Globe party

Katy and The Lord of the Rings star, Orlando were friends from a long time before they started dating each other. However, it seems like the couple fell for each other only after January of 2016.

On 10th Jan 2016, Katy was seen with Orlando at the Golden Globe Awards party. The couple was pictured getting close at the party. And after that Katy was frequently spotted with Orlando in many places.

Instagram: Katy and Orlando spending their Christmas together.

The couple attended a play together at LA performance of the one-man play The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey on Jan 26.

Orlando was married and has a child

Orlando is the three times winner of Teen Choice Awards and best known for his role in The Lord of the Rings. In June 2010, Orlando got engaged with Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr

Video: Orlando in Lord of the rings

The couple got married July of the same year and in January 2011, the couple welcomed their first baby boy Flynn Christopher Bloom. Sadly, Orlando's marriage did not last forever and in October of 2013, the couple announced their separation. 

Bloom started dating Katy after 73rd Golden Globe Awards on January 2016.

Katy breaks up with Orlando

Katy and Orland were seen cuddling with each other a week back at Vanity Fair Oscars Party and on 28th Feb, Orlando shared an Instagram snap of himself with his arms around her pet puppy, Butters.

Instagram: Orlando with Katy's puppy


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Though the couple was very comfortable and were getting cozy few days back. Now, the couple has decided to go their separate ways and take some “respectful loving space” from each other after a year of dating. They said,

"Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time."

According to the sources,

"Katy didn’t spend much time with Orlando. They got together for a photo, but that was about it.”

So, we can say that was the reason behind the couple's break-up.

Since Katy's shock split from her former husband Russell Brand in 2012, Katy dated John Mayer and Diplo, before finding love with Orlando and now she is single again.