Katie Maloney Opens Up About Being Body-Shamed on TV Screen: ‘It Was Very Uncomfortable’

Updated On 07 Feb, 2018 Published On

Vanderpump Rules actress Katie Maloney exclusively told media about being body-shamed by Lisa Vanderpump’s designer, Kevin Lee in an episode of the Bravo hit on Monday, February 5.

And on Tuesday, February 6, Katie said,

It was very uncomfortable. Obviously I’m there working for Lisa at her event, we all wanted it to special and go really well for her and I don’t know Kevin …  I had a hard time processing what he was saying to me. I literally thought he told me I looked good and then he kept going.

She further added,

I was like ‘Wow, um, OK’ and I walked away and told Lisa and it kind of just, like, really set in with me, because I hadn’t been in a good place in my life with self-love. And I struggled with that for a long time and acceptance and confidence and positive body image and I finally was in a place where I felt healthy and I felt great. I had dealt with seeing that stuff on social media a lot and Kevin saying it to my face put a voice and a face to all of that, which was hard, but at the end of the day, and right after, Lisa kind of lifted me back up.

As previously reported, Katie ran into Vanderpump’s longtime designer and friend — fans will remember him planning Lisa’s daughter Pandora’s wedding during the second season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — at a party featured on the recent episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Kevin told Malony,

You were much thinner than this … you have to work on it, seriously, I’m telling you as a friend,

At the time, Vanderpump comforted the SUR waitress, and Katie’s husband Tom Schwartz confirmed that he later apologized.

Tom told media,

It was way out of line but I think he probably was just being sassy and he regretted it and he was really nice following up … sent a nice letter,

Katie added,

I just still think don’t ever say anything like that to someone. If you’re a decent person, you don’t have to apologize for simple thing like that.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.