Katie Leclerc Files for Divorce from her husband Brian Habecost; Married Life Details

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Every girl dreams about getting married, having kids and living in a beautiful house happily with her family. We bet you might have thought similar things about yourself when you were a kid. However, not many pictures themselves in the edge of their marriage and getting a divorce. Even though marriage is considered as important part of a person's life, these days divorce seems to be its integral part.

When 'Switched at Birth' star Katie Leclerc tied the knot with Brian Habecost, little had she imagined that her marriage wouldn't last long. Thus, one of the ladies who got switched at birth on Television has requested a judge to switch her relationship status in real life as well as Leclerc wants a divorce.

Katie Leclerc married life with husband Brian Habecost

Leclerc's husband Brian Habecost is an L.A. based real estate salesman. The couple got hitched on 6th September 2014. After spending almost 3 years together as a husband and wife, Leclerc's marriage took a sour turn.

Katie Leclerc with her beau Brian HabecostKatie Leclerc with her beau Brian Habecost

Source: TMZ

She filed documents on the court against her husband a couple of days ago. TMZ reported the doc's words and revealed that the 30-year-old actress is demanding the court to end Habecost's any requests for spousal support. 

Katie Leclerc with her beau Brian Habecost

Katie Leclerc with her beau Brian Habecost

Source: Daily mail

Apart from filing the divorce, not any related information has been disclosed by the actress. The reason behind the couple's split is also mysterious.

Does Katie Leclerc have any kids?

Despite being married for almost 3 years, Leclerc and Habecost didn't welcome any children together. It seems like the couple was too busy in their individual career to think about having kids. As we all know having and raising children needs strong plan and dedication, the pair might have felt that they were not ready enough for such huge responsibility.

Katie Leclerc and Brian Habecost’s Palm Springs Wedding :

Although she has been spotted with a kid on her Instagram once or twice, they aren't her own children.

Reading the caption makes things clear. On one of her posts, she indirectly revealed that the little boy is her nephew. 


I'll just be right here on aunt duty.

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Leclerc, who used to be quite active on her Instagram, hasn't posted anything for a few days. It seems like she is busy with the divorce documents and procedures.

However, considering her previous posts, it is quite considerable that Leclerc has been very optimistic about everything going on in her life. 


#havefun #beawesome #summertime

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Even though failed marriage is not a good sign, but as long as the couple is happy, we don't have any say on it. We hope Katie Leclerc and her husband, who will soon be her ex, Brian Habecost find happiness in their individual lives.

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