Kathy Griffin Calls Out Ageism And Sexism In Hollywood In An Angry Video Rant

Updated On 09 Nov, 2017 Published On

She’s back!! Comedian Kathy Griffin shared another video rant on her official YouTube page, and this time, she is addressing ageism and sexism in Hollywood.

Kathy shared the clip on Thursday, 9th November, and started it off by saying;

I’m going to call some people out and piss some people off as usual because as you know, I don’t give an F anymore.

After the news broke that Donald Sutherland is going to be awarded an honorary Oscar at the 9th annual Governors Awards ceremony this month, the 57-year-old comedian felt the need to point out the difference in how men and women are treated in the film industry as they age.

She said;

Good for him, that’s great. He’s a talented actor and I’m glad he’s getting an Oscar. But let’s not kid ourselves. If you think that he gets paid the same as females he has costarred with, let me give you an example.

She went on to bring up Stockard Channing, who starred alongside the 82-year-old Sutherland in the movie Six Degrees of Separation. Kathy said she believes that “intense ageism and sexism” are to blame, using the 73-year-old Grease actress as an example of someone who is not been appreciated in the business and her career achievements are overshadowed by her image.

The 57-year-old former Bravo star Kathy urged people to acknowledge the way women are treated in film industry as they get older, while their men counterparts are being praised no matter their age. Kathy recentlty attended The West Wing star’s play, Apologia, in London and said that she met the actress after the show, which increased her admiration for her.

Kathy said in the clip;

I’m sorry. I have a problem with Stockard Channing getting a bad article because of her face, and she’s an amazing actress. The white privileged old dudes are still getting all their accolades and Stockard Channing is stuck with people blaming her for not looking like her character from Grease anymore while she’s kicking ass in a small theater in London where she had to walk up seven stairs to get to her dressing room!

She further added;

Stockard, don’t be mad at me. Sometimes when I stick up for these bitches they f—king turn on me so I don’t need that either. She’s amazing. Go see the play. Support her, support other women. They’re out there just doing it, grinding it out. Amazing work, time after time.

 Meanwhile, Kathy also grabbed headlines in last October after she shared a video blasting Andy Cohen.