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Home Gossip Kathreen Khavari is a Married Woman; Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Kathreen Khavari is a Married Woman; Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu Aug, 2017
Kathreen Khavari is a Married Woman; Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Kathreen Khavari is one of the popular faces of the movie industry who have many fan followings. All credit to her attractive personality and glamorous looks. She recently made headlines when she took a dig against Donald Trump's travel ban.

Kathreen has successfully established herself one of the most renowned actresses from the United States. Besides being an actress, Kathreen Khavari is also a producer who has produced many popular movies such as Avengers Assemble, Big Little Lies, and Insecure.

Apart from her professional career have you ever wondered about her personal life? Do you know if Kathreen Khavari is single, dating or already married?

If you don't know, Kathreen is a married woman and she is enjoying a happy marital relationship with her beloved husband Karl Gusner. Let's know about their love affair and married life.

Kathreen Khavari enjoying Married Life With Husband Karl Gusner: Their Love Affair And Relationship

The gorgeous actress and producer got married to her long-term boyfriend, Karl Gusner on 25 July 2009, in front of their nearest friends and family members. Many of their high school friends also attended their wedding ceremony.

Here's a wedding picture of them that was posted by Karl early this year, celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary. Check it out.


8 years ago today! Happy Anniversary @kathreenkhavari love u more than ever!

A post shared by Karl Gusner (@kgesus) on 

These two love birds were dating since their high school and eventually, they tied the knot. Their love for each other has not changed even after a long married life, in fact, it has grown deeper.

They never shy to express their love in public. They share pictures of them together through Instagram. Here's a picture they shared in which they were seen sharing their kisses.

Check it out.


#tbt 2001 rave makeout session with @kgesus ...there's lots of hair gel in this photo.

A post shared by Kathreen Khavari (@kathreenkhavari) on 


Does The Couple Have Children? Khatreen Doesn't Want To Be Pregnant Now!! 

Talking about their parenthood, the pair does not have any children of their own, however,  they seem to be great parents. They have their godkids and some of their fans are even calling Kathleen, "a mother with the most compassionate heart".


When they give you a cold but u ain't mad cuz LOVE #godkids

A post shared by Kathreen Khavari (@kathreenkhavari) on

As you can see in the above post one of the fans of the couple is suggesting Karl that Kathreen is ready to give birth.

However, it seems Kathreen doesn't want to be pregnant right now as recently on March 27, she posted a funny picture of a pregnant cat that consisted the words "Stop Unwanted Pregnancies."

Check out.


If we use this for #PlannedParenthood ads maybe more people would empathize

A post shared by Kathreen Khavari (@kathreenkhavari) on

However, we are already in our imagination mode thinking how the couple's children will look like.

Khavari Took a Dig Against Donald Trump

The Big Little Lies actress Kathreen Khavari made headlines after she took a dig against Donald Trump's travel ban. Kathreen Khavari who herself has an Iranian passport wore a dress with a message that directed towards the President of the United States.

The Big Little Lies actress Kathreen Khavari

The Big Little Lies actress Kathreen Khavari

Source: dailymail

Kathreen is pretty straightforward when it comes to standing for the rights of people and she never steps back despite knowing that it may affect her career.

During Big Little Lies' premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre, Kathreen wore a dress with a powerful message. It read:

My Iranian immigrant mother teaches your kids how to read.

Happily married husband and wife: Karl Gusner and Kathreen Khavari

Happily married husband and wife: Karl Gusner and Kathreen Khavari

Source: zimbio

Her mother was worried initially when she decided to wear that dress, but later, she was so proud of her daughter. Additionally, her husband of eight years is also proud of his wife's accomplishment both socially and professionally.

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