Katherine Dunn Biography

Published On Feb 07, 2017
Facts of Katherine Dunn
Date of Birth: 1945 , October-24
Date of Death: 2016 , May-11
Birth Nation: United States
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Katherine Dunn frequently moved to different places along with her family. She is well-known for her best novel Greek Love which was published in 1989.

Katherine Dunn patched up with her college boyfriend Paul Pomerantz and they got married in 2012. The couple has son Eli Dapolonia and they were happy till they were together.

Katherine Dunn is no more with us, she died on May 11, 2016, and her son Eli Dapolonia stated that the complications of her lung cancer was the reason for her death.The books written Dunn are still equally popular even after her death. 

Katherine Dunn facts on timeline

Born in Garden City Kansas, United States

October 24 , 1945

Katherine Dunn was born in the mid-1940s in Garden City Kansas, United States. She was born as one of the second youngest children of five siblings. In her childhood, she moves to many places and she joined Reed College in Portland and studied there.

Published her first novel “Attic"


Katherine Dunn began writing from her college days at Reed College. She wrote her first novel entitled “Attic” in 1967. She got interested in writing and left her college without graduating and moved to Mexico to furnish her writing career.

Well known for her novel Greek Love


Katherine Dun got good recognition from public and media after she published her novel, Greek Love. She published the novel in 1989 and that became her best-selling novel. This novel was liked by many readers and she got fame after it.

Married with Paul Pomerantz


Katherine Dunn had a boyfriend in Reed College, they were together for about 10 years and it separated in 1977. She again got reunited with her ex-boyfriend of Reed College, Paul Pomerantz and they got married in 2012 and have one son, Eli Dapolonia.

Died because of lung cancer

May 11 , 2016

Katherine Dunn is a well-known novelist, but it’s sad she is no more between us. Katherine died on May 11, 2016, ad her son Eli Dapolonia stated the complications of lung cancer as the reason of her death. After her death, its news was covered by many social media pages and articles.