Katharine Wilder:Six things you need to know about Gene Wilder's Daughter

Katharine Wilder:Six things you need to know about Gene Wilder's Daughter

Late Jerome Silberman professionally known as Gene Wilder was a multi-talented American personality with excellent acting skills. Besides being an actor, Gene was also a screenwriter, director, producer, author, singer, and songwriter as well.

Unfortunately, this great persona is no more among us. It has been almost a year that Gene Wilder died of Alzheimer's disease. Well, the late actor has a daughter Katharine Wilder who is taking his generation forward. There are a lot of gossips about Katharine Wilder, but today we have brought to you six major facts about this beautiful young lady.

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1) Kathrine Wilder Is A Daughter From Gene Wilder's Second Wife

You might not know but the father of Kathrine Wilder, Gene Wilder had been in four different marriages in his life and Kathrine is from his second wife, Mary Joan Schutz.

Gene Wilder was married to his first wife Mary Mercier whom he first met while studying at the HB Studio in New York. Well the couple after dating for a brief period of time tied the knot on 22 July 1960. They enjoyed their marital relationship for full five years and eventually divorced in 1965.

Former husband and wife couple: Gane Wilder and Mary Mercier

Former husband and wife Gene Wilder and Mary Mercier

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A few months after the split with Mary Mercier, Gene began dating Mary Joan Schutz who was a friend of his sister. The most interesting fact about Kathrine Wilder is that she is not the begotten daughter of Gene Wilder.

Daughter of Gane Wilder Katharine Wilder

Daughter of Gene Wilder Katharine Wilder

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Yes, you read that right, guys! Before getting engaged with Gene Wilder, Schutz already a daughter from her previous marriage and she was none other than Katharine Wilder.

2) Gene Wilder Adopted Wilder Child

While Gene was dating Schutz, Kathrine also used to be with the couple. Gene later realized that he had developed a strong bond with Schutz's daughter. Later, when Kathrine started calling him "Dad", he eventually got determined and decided to marry Schutz.

Gane Wilder and his adopted daughter Katharine

Gene Wilder and his adopted daughter Katharine

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Gene exchanged vows with Schutz on 27 October 1967 and in the following year, he adopted Katharine officially.

3) Separated Away From Father

Everything was going perfectly. The relation of father and daughter was too strong that Gene even wrote a book Kiss Me Like a Stranger indicating Katherine.

Unfortunately, after seven years of the marriage, Gine and Schutz somehow parted their ways. Later, Katharine suspected that her father was having an affair with his co-star from Young Frankenstein Madeline Kahn.

Katharine Wilder with her father Gene Wilder

Katharine Wilder with her father Gene Wilder

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Soon, her doubt turned out to be the truth as Gene was found dating co-star Teri Garr which ultimately became the reason of his separation with his daughter Katharine.

In 2002, during an interview with Larry King, Gene revealed that he lost his relationship with his daughter when she was 23 years and that she broke all contact with him.

4) Gene Talked About Katharine Never Forgave Him

In 2005, during an interview with New York Daily News, Gene talked about his book Kiss Me Like a Stranger and he opened up how obsessed he was with his daughter. In the interview, he even shared the space with Kathrine and explained how his daughter who cared him deeply, became “too crowded."

Gene Wilder holding the book he wrote for his daughter Katharine

Gene Wilder holding the book he wrote for his daughter Katharine

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Gene said that Katharine never forgave him for what he did. One reason he wrote the book was just Kathrine and he said that he doubted that she would read it;

If she does (read my book), I hope it will explain some things she didn’t want to understand.

 5) Father Gene Wilder Third Marriage

After a decade of the finalization of divorce with Mary Joan SchutzGene got married to her third wife Gilda Radner in 1984. The couple was happily married until Gilda died of cancer in 1989.

Well, later Gilda Radner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she was being treated for infertility. This is the reason why the couple couldn't have their own child.

Former husband and wife couple: Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner

Former husband and wife couple: Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner

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After a couple of years of his separation with Gilda, Gene got married to Karen Webb Boyer in 1991, and they were still enjoying their marriage when he passed away.

6) Father Gene Wilder Had A Grieving Nephew

Despite his four marriage, Gene Wilder never had any children besides Kathrine. However, Gene had a nephew, Jordan Walker-Pearlman with whom he was very close. Even at  Jordan’s wedding, Gene served the role of the “parent” of the groom.

Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder

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Jordan was distraught at his uncle’s death and when Jordan revealed a statement about Gene’s death, he was titled as “Gene’s kid".

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