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Katharine Wilder Biography

Katharine Wilder

Facts of Katharine Wilder

Name Katharine Wilder
Birth Name Katharine Wilder
Nick Name Katharine
Father Gene Wilder
Mother Mary Joan Schutz
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Net Worth Unknown

Quick Timeline of Katharine Wilder

1960 Wilder married Mary Joan Schutz
1967 Adopt katherine
2002 Interview with Larry King

Detail Timeline of Katharine Wilder


Wilder married Mary Joan Schutz

American actor Gene Wilder and Mary Joan Schutz were dating when Schutz's daughter Katherine started calling him dad. Later Wilder and Mary got married and Wilder adopted Katharine Wilder. 


Adopt katherine

According to Gene's book "kiss me Like a Stranger," Gene decided to get married to his girlfriend Mary and adopt Katharine Wilder. Sadly Mary and Gene's marriage did not last forever and the couple got divorced after 7 years of marriage.


Interview with Larry King

In an interview with Larry King,Gene wilder said that he had a daughter and "lost her a long while ago". He said that Katharine Wilder was 22 or 23 when he lost her.


Katherine Wilder is an American personality who is best known for being the estranged daughter of actor Gene Wilder, who has acted in the film Willy Wonka. He is also the author of Kiss Me Like a Stranger.

Famous author Wilder said that one reason he wrote the book “Kiss Me Like a Stranger” was that of her daughter Katharine. But he doubted that she would ever read it. Despite being married four times, Gene Wilder had only one child Katharine Wilder.

After the divorce between Gene and Mary, Katharine thought that her dad was having an affair with Madeline Khan, his co-star in Young Frankenstein which was the reason she left her father and got out of the media radar. The belief played a big role in their estrangement. During his glory days, Gene Wilder had worked with actors like Eric McCormack and Debra Messing.


In an interview with Larry King, Wilder said that he had a daughter and lost her long ago there is no information regarding Katharine's recent life till today. Wilder said that his daughter Katharine has already cut ties with him and she will never forgive him.

CAPTION: Katharine Wilder
SOURCE: rada

Katharine's father Gene Wilder died at the age of 83 at home Stamford, Connecticut, from the complication of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Katharine Wilder's early life

Katharine Wilder is an adopted daughter of American actor, screenwriter, singer, and author Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder married to Mary Joan Schutz, and Wilder adopted Mary’s daughter Katharine while they were married. Gene and Mary's wedding did not last forever, and the couple went through a tragic divorce after seven years of their married life together.

After Wilder had divorced Mary Joan Schutz, Gene Wilder got married two more times. He married Gilda Radner and Karen Webb Boyer as his second and third wife.

Katharine Wilder's career

There is not much information regarding Katharine Wilder's career. We still have no details as to what she does for a living. She is mostly known for being the only and adopted daughter of Gene Wilder.

Katharine Wilder's personal life

Katharine Wilder was a ghost until the day her father died. She had kept herself under the radar until the 29th of August, 2016, the day when Gene Wilder died. There are no news or rumors regarding the love life of Katharine Wilder.

Katharine Wilder's net worth

As there are no details as to what Katharine Wilder does for a living, we have no information regarding her net worth. She might earn good enough to support her regular needs and fuel her living.

As for her father, Gene Wilder had an estimated net worth of $20 million during the time of his death. Since Katharine Wilder is the only daughter of Gene, she is likely to receive a fair share from his net worth.