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Home Gossip Karl Howman has two children with former wife Clare Lightfoot but has he married again?

Karl Howman has two children with former wife Clare Lightfoot but has he married again?

Ashmita Karki Wed Aug, 2016
Karl Howman has two children with former wife Clare Lightfoot but has he married again?

BBC TV soap opera EastEnders’s as Buster Briggs is none other than Karl Howman. Howman was married to Clare Lightfoot in the past. However, this couple divorced and now Howman is single. In fact, he has not even married anyone. Shocking, isn’t it? But it seems like Howman had a lot more to do in life rather than falling in love and marrying someone.

image: Karl Howman with a guest at the Jameson Empire Film Awards



image: Karl Howman

Howman and Lightfoot married in 1976. Apart from the date, there is not much information available about this couple’s wedding. In fact, we do not even know whether their marriage was arranged or they fell in love. Clare is not as famous as her husband Karl. According to sources close to them, Clare and Karl were going really good in their relationship. That’s why they spent so many years together as a husband and wife. But, nobody knows what went wrong between them and made them reach to the point where they could do nothing to save their marriage.


image: Karl Howman's daughter Chloe Howman

Talking about Howman’s children, he has two amazingly talented daughters with Clare Lightfoot. They are Chloe Howman and Katy-Jo Howman. Both of the girls are actors by profession. Chloe can be seen in BBC medical soap opera named ‘Casualty’. She is married to actor Paul Thornley. Similarly, Katy can also be seen in various serious.

Currently, Karl Howman is more than sixty years and has two angelic granddaughters. Now, he even has a responsibility of being a grandfather and trust me that’s not an easy task. Thus, we think this is the reason behind Karl not having an affair, girlfriend or marrying anyone.

Talking about Howman’s ex-wife, there is no information where she is now and what she is doing. From the beginning, she has always remained behind the limelight and maybe she does not even want to come into the focus now.

Since we know about how Karl is doing without his former wife, we seriously wish that wherever Clare is, she remains happy and is doing well in her life. 


Talking about Howman’s glorious career, he has done many amazing movies in his lifetime. Some of those include Expose, S.O.S. Titanic, The Long Good Friday, Party Party, The Truth About Love, and Porridge. Howman’s brilliant acting skill and personality gave him an immense success and fame in his career. He has worked very hard to reach where he is today. We all love and respect him for that.